Photo 55 out of 365 – “Hanging Around on 2nd Street”

This is our friendly neighborhood drunk guy.  I see him on our street pretty much every day and he is often hanging on the garden fence just like this.  I’ve taken his photo before without him knowing it, but this time I asked his permission and told him to flash me a smile and this is what I got.  I think he has a very cute & kind-looking face.  I don’t really know much about him, but I often wonder what his story is.


7 thoughts on “Photo 55 out of 365 – “Hanging Around on 2nd Street”

  1. Nice portrait. Sounds like a happy guy.

    I admire you on having courage to go talk to this guy for a snap – I remember, when I was doing a photo walk in Chicago – I saw this homeless guy sleeping on a sidewalk in a park and didn’t got guts to talk to him for snapshot.

  2. Really cool shot. I’m glad you were able to get a shot with his permission. His face makes it more interesting and compelling.

  3. Wow. Yeah, you’re killing me this week with all these great human subjects. Loving the “fearless Nell” stage in your photog development.

    Question: where do you prefer to get your comments? The Blog? Facebook?

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