Photo 56 out of 365 – “Take My Picture”

So I was on my way to Adam’s office yesterday, walking on 27th b/w 6th and 7th – I had my camera hanging around my neck – looking all official, and these guys were hanging out on the sidewalk.  Of course, I wanted to take their picture… I mean – look at them!  And just as I passed them, I hear one of them say, “you can take MY picture”… so I stopped, turned around and walked back.  “Really?  Can I take your picture?” – Yes… they were totally into it – posed for a few shots and I showed them the shots on my camera.  They loved them.  So I told them to check out – new readers?  Anyway,  I’ve definitely pushed myself to take more pictures of people over the last week and  I’m starting to get a lot more comfortable.  I always enjoy engaging with people – and the camera helps to facilitate interactions just like this one.  Fun.


8 thoughts on “Photo 56 out of 365 – “Take My Picture”

    • Thanks Sharon! it was all good b/c it was the middle of the day and there were people all around. If I was in some deserted place, I probably would have kept walking! then when I showed them their picture they were so excited… really friendly. It was funny!

    • I mean right?? what about the dude’s gold teeth?? I was in heaven… I could have done a whole photo shoot with them. they were so much fun to look at!

    • my next photo is similar… I’m definitely building up the courage to start getting in there with the camera more. depends on the situation of course, I’ve been denied a few times as well when I’ve asked a stranger if I could shoot them. to each their own I guess. thanks for the comments judy.

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