Photo 57 out of 365 – “Ab Attack”

Yes, I am totally jealous of that little kid’s abs.  But seriously, these guys were working it down on the Columbus Circle subway platform yesterday.  They were practicing moves like one-handed hand stands and other impossible-looking things.  Now in this situation, I was not really shy about going over to take pictures.  From my experience thus far, people who perform in public places usually enjoy the attention of having their photo taken.  These guys were loving it.  They posed for a few shots and gave me their email address so I can send them the photos.  And for the record…  I did not tell them to show me their abs!  It was all them.

On another note, the festival had a press screening for Hello Lonesome on Friday in LA and we heard from our publicist that it was a very good turnout.  There were reporters there from Variety, LA Times, LA Weekly, The Hollywood Reporter and more.  So… now we are just holding our breath and keeping our fingers crossed that everyone enjoyed it!  I spoke to a festival staff person today who told me she loved it so I’m betting it’s going to get a good response!   Crazy stuff.


9 thoughts on “Photo 57 out of 365 – “Ab Attack”

    • Thanks Tess! I’m so glad you wrote. I was planning on reaching out to you this week – it’s been crazy over here! Did you finish your murray’s exam??

      • Funny, I’m finishing it now – just the essays to go. It was harder than I expected!
        I’m glad you’ve been busy with the film – how fun.

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