Photo 65 out of 365 – “40th Anniversary Piercing”

Yesterday was my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary.  It is quite amazing – after 40 years of marriage – they seem the strongest and happiest I’ve ever seen them.  It’s inspiring.  During the weekend, they mentioned to us that my dad sort of wanted to get his ear pierced.  I think my mom had a lot to do with it – she thought it would be sexy – but my dad was totally down.  So when they drove us back to the city after the weekend, we stopped at this tattoo/piercing place on our street and he took the plunge – and with a 14 gauge needle at that!  Here he is being brave pre-needle.  Daddy – you are officially a bad-ass!  Congrats on your new piercing!!  Way to keep marriage exciting after 40 years.


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