Photo 66 out of 365 – “East Village Eclectic”

This is a funky little store front – typical for the East Village.  I love living in this neighborhood.  Of course, there are things that we lack – such as grass for example, but there is such a vibe and energy in this hood and I’m quite fond of it.

Meanwhile, Adam took off for his filmmaker retreat this afternoon.  Tonight he is staying in a hotel in San Raphael, CA and tomorrow morning he is heading out to Skywalker ranch with the other directors in competition at the LA Film Festival.  We found out on Sunday that Katherine Bigelow – director of the Oscar-winning film The Hurt Locker is going to be hanging out with them tomorrow along with some other industry people – pretty cool indeed.  I can’t wait to see what else they do while they’re there.

I’m flying out on Thursday morning and then Thursday night Adam and I are attending LAFF’s opening film The Kids Are All Right – it actually looks really good (just watched the trailer).  Then Friday is the big day!  Hello Lonesome is having its world premier at 7:30 pm at a big movie theater (Regal 14 at LA LIVE) in downtown LA!  I could die… I’m getting really freaking excited.  I’m sure Adam and I will both be blogging/posting/etc. while we are in LA (of course I will be posting my photos of the day – LA style) – so stay tuned b/c the next week is surely going to be a wild ride!!


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