Photo 74 out of 365 – “Blondetourage”

Here’s Adam turning on the charm during an interview with RealTVFilms host Kaki West at LAFF.  Doesn’t he kind of look like an old Jewish grandpa?  God he’s adorable!  Kaki told us she wanted to join our entourage… but she would make it a “blondetourage”.  Adam was cracking her up during the interview… typical. 🙂  I was watching, taking photos and enjoying this hilarious scene immensely.

Here is another “Blondetourage” photo I enjoy:

Anyway – finished up our last screening tonight!  It was another near full house and once again the audience really seemed to love it.  The majority of the theater stayed afterwards for the Q&A with Adam and he got LOTS of great questions and positive feedback on Hello Lonesome.

We are EXHAUSTED!!  What an emotional roller coaster the last week has been!   We took off for Santa Monica after the screening this evening and are spending a couple days by the beach now to unwind.  On Saturday there is an awards brunch where the winner of the narrative competition will be announced.  Adam is up against 8 other films in the category… I keep saying I’m not getting my hopes up – but in all honesty, I really can’t help it – call me a cockeyed optimist.  I truly think he deserves to WIN!  So fingers & toes crossed.  I’ll keep you posted!


5 thoughts on “Photo 74 out of 365 – “Blondetourage”

  1. Congratulations to both of you. It’s huge already and you still have a potential win in front of you!
    My fingers are crossed,

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