Photo 77 out of 365 – “The Wonder of Bubbles” & Festival Award!!

This is Nora Lee – an outstanding little girl we had the pleasure of hanging out with yesterday.  I always get so much joy out of watching children play with bubbles.  Bubbles inspire such an unbridled enthusiasm in children, which I guess makes sense… I mean, they’re iridescent little floating balls.  That is pretty magical.

On another note, this is our last evening in LA.  I have been here for 10 nights and Adam for 12… we are truly excited to return to NYC… we miss it!  Though the LA Film Festival has treated us like royalty.  It’s been a totally outstanding experience and we’ve met some awesomely friendly, talented and inspiring people.  I am so proud of Adam and of his film, Hello Lonesome,  which won one of only two jury prizes for the narrative category  – “outstanding performance in a narrative feature” – given to the entire cast of the film.  The performances are completely amazing – so this award really meant so much to Adam. What an incredible beginning for Hello Lonesome!

We are off at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning to fly back east – it’s been a crazy ride.  Expect more from Adam in the next couple days… I will link to his post as I’m sure he’ll be summing up this entire experience!


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