Photo 78 out of 365 – “LA Love”

Well, here I am, back on my couch in NYC.  What a trip.  LAFF ended on a high note for us with a jury award honoring Adam and his entire cast for “Best Ensemble Performance in the Narrative Competition“! And now it’s back to reality…weird.  Though it’ll be interesting to see what kind of ripple effect comes from our experience in LA this week… we’ve already heard from a few film festivals that have an interest in Hello Lonesome so I have a feeling the ride is definitely not over.  We’re really psyched about our cheese project too – so I’ll be jumping into some serious cheese research stat!  Of course, nothing makes me happier than cheese research.  Before we left for LA I bought Max McCalman‘s new book Mastering Cheese: Lessons For Connoisseurship from a Maître Fromager – so as Adam likes to say… onward!

The best part of this festival experience has been meeting all sorts of amazing people.  Here is a photo from the awards brunch of Adam, James Urbaniak – one of the award-winning actors in Hello Lonesome, and Drea – film festival goddess, who championed Hello Lonesome from the beginning and who made our entire LAFF experience as comfortable and as fun as could be.  Team Reid loves you Drea!

So thank you LAFF and Film Independent, for inviting us to LA, for treating us so well and for introducing us to such incredible people.  And thanks to all the family, friends and fans of Hello Lonesome!  I think we’ve come out smarter, stronger and more ready than ever to take on film number two!


2 thoughts on “Photo 78 out of 365 – “LA Love”

    • Thanks Kate! Great article – I really want to go visit a cheese maker to see the process in action. I did that once in California years ago – but now that I know much more, it’s top on my list. Oddly enough, I even want to milk a cow. you know? I want to know the whole deal from start to finish.

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