Photo 81 out of 365 – “Wall Artist” & My New Job…

East Village, NYC

YAY!!!  I broke my habit of posting late at night!  Such a bad habit… I don’t know why I’ve been doing that – a sort of procrastination I guess?  But it’s bad news.  Earlier in the day (like now), my brain is just fresher and writing is so much easier for me.

Meanwhile, exciting news… I’ve decided to take a new job and I’m starting on Monday!  I’m going to be selling cheese to restaurants, catering companies & hotels in Brooklyn!  I met  the founder and president of this company while doing my internship at Murray’s.  The company is called Tradition & Excellence and the focus is on specialty cheeses from Europe & America.  I went on a sales call with him before I left for LA and it went something like this…

  • Meet super sweet & passionate husband and wife owners of charming restaurant in Williamsburg
  • Get a tour of the restaurant, learning about the building, decorating & opening process
  • Meet the chef
  • Set up a cheese tasting (9 cheeses) at the bar and proceed with tasting each cheese and discussing it
  • Have a glass of wine (or 2) to wash down the cheeses
  • Shake hands and we’re on our way…

I mean – can anyone think of a better job for me?  It’s only my heaven.  Of course, most jobs that seem ridiculously awesome tend to have their own set of challenges – so we’ll see how it goes – but for now, I’m totally psyched (and a little nervous)!


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