Photo 80 out of 365 – “He Also Sleeps”

This is the same friendly neighborhood drunk guy from photo 55 “Hanging Around on 2nd Street”.  This photo makes me sad.  I was actually a bit conflicted about posting it because I was imagining him as some little kid’s grandfather.  I took another photo that I like of a cute dog in our corner bodega, but I’ve decided to post this one because it’s just so much more compelling.  Plus, this guy’s been a part of my life here in the East Village for years – and that’s a big piece of this 365 project… recording what’s going on in my life.  So…there you have it.

PS – “He Sleeps” is definitely from Pretty Woman – good job Jen & Jill!


3 thoughts on “Photo 80 out of 365 – “He Also Sleeps”

  1. I feel sad for him too. However, he’s in an endless state of drunkenness which is his own choice. Have you had a chance to talk to him?

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