Photo 109 out of 365 – “Dumpling Man”

Settings: ISO 6400, f/6.5, 1/60 sec, 50mm lens

This photo was taken at ‘Dumpling Man’, a little dumpling spot on St. Marks in the East Village.  I took Adam’s nephew Tomas there because I think it’s a novel experience… to eat dumplings while you are watching dumplings being made. It’s also a little weird to eat while you’re watching people work right in front of you through a glass window.  But, hey – I wanted to give him an experience.

We just got back from the airport where we dropped Tomas off after his week visiting Uncle Adam and Aunt Nell in our one-bedroom apartment.  He didn’t want to leave.  Job well done.  On the way home, we stopped at this bar called Donnybrook on Clinton in the Lower East Side.  Adam had mentioned he wanted me to take some photos to become a new background for his company’s website.  Donnybrook fit our vision and became an inspiration with its awesome textured wallpaper, rich leather bar stools with gold studded cushions and gorgeous wood everywhere.  We ordered a drink and I went to town… photographing every sexy, sumptuous surface I could find.  We got some awesome stuff.  I love it… because I think Adam’s brilliant – and he thinks I have a great eye, which makes me feel special. 🙂

Isn’t it funny how challenging it is sometimes to believe in your own abilities?  It’s so easy to doubt and question yourself – that you have to look outside for confirmation that your work is good.  But something I’ve learned while going through this film festival process with Adam is that everything is subjective – and everything has an audience of appreciators… and the most important thing is being yourself and putting yourself out there – just as you are.  And that will lead to things.  It’s already starting to with my stuff and it’s getting me pumped.


2 thoughts on “Photo 109 out of 365 – “Dumpling Man”

  1. You are special, and I’m glad that Adam agrees. 😉

    I have made dumplings before, they are a globby goopy mess. How is this guy not even spilling a drop? I guess practice makes perfect. I dunno. The dumplings look delish, and I especially LOVE the “Dumpling Man” t-shirt. They should sell those … I’d buy one. Well, mine would have to say “Dumpling Gal”.

    • This is a little dumpling restaurant in the east village… so that is why they are such pros at making the dumplings neatly. besides… they are doing it in front of a glass window… so they better make it look pretty! This was actually a woman. but the restaurant is called ‘dumpling man’. Thanks a lot for visiting & commenting!

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