Photo 110 out of 365 – “Tomas”

Settings: ISO 200, f/3.5, 1/50 sec, 50mm lens

I didn’t have access to internet last night so I’ll be posting twice today.

This past week, Adam and I got a crash course on what it’s like to have a fifteen-year-old son.  We all had a great time but I’m glad we have at least sixteen/seventeen years to prepare before it’s our turn!!

Meanwhile, I’m going to be taking a few people’s head shots in the next month, so I need to get more practice in with my portraits.  It’s funny, because I’m a very social person, totally comfortable in social situations – not really shy and actually pretty good at getting people to open up to me.  I know those qualities will be extremely helpful in getting honest, true, intimate portraits.  However, in my limited experience taking portraits of people, I find that I get really kind of uptight.  I think it’s because I am thinking of myself as the photographer, and I’m not 100% comfortable in that role yet, so I get a little anxiety.  Of course it’s the perfectionist side of me… worrying about taking the best pictures possible.  But I started thinking of it differently this week in prepping for my next head shot assignment.  I know I am capable of taking nice photographs of people.  So, I think the most important thing for me to do is just be social and engaging first, before trying to be a photographer.  I know the key is probably getting my subject to relax and open up.  And when I don’t have a camera in my hand, I am very good at that.  So, I think I just need to forget I have the camera in my hand and approach it like I would any social interaction.   Next Thursday I am taking shots for my friend Jess.  I have known her since birth – so she’ll be a good person to practice with!


4 thoughts on “Photo 110 out of 365 – “Tomas”

  1. Hi Nell,

    I’ve noticed you post your photo’s settings at the bottom of your pics. I love to take pics but am still an automatic kind of guy. I’m thinking of taking a course to learn more. How did you learn?

    • Hey Peter! Sorry for the delay!! I took a course at ICP (the International Center of Photography) – it’s located at 6th ave b/w 42nd and 43rd in Manhattan. It’s a great photography school – though a little expensive. I did a lot of research on classes and heard only so so things about many of the other cheaper options, so I decided to go for it. I took a digital photography level 1 course – where we learned how to use our camera settings, how to use Adobe Lightroom (the software I usually use for editing) and how to make prints… it was a great class. My teacher was a guy named Bradley Dever-Treadaway. I thought he was awesome. After the summer I am interested in taking another class there – maybe a level 2 or potentially skipping to level 3 (you have to get approved to do that). I think taking a class is a good way to jump-start your understanding of the camera and how to play with your settings to control the type of photo you’re going to get. It was 30 hours of class time – 3 hours once a week for 10 weeks. email me if you want more info!!

  2. Forgive me Nell, but what camera do you have? I know for the Nikon they have a filter that “softens” skin tones …. that would be a must have for professional portraits.

    This is such a great shot. Tomas’ slightly off kilter brim with the big red OBEY lettering on it perfectly portrays the angst and revolutionary spirit of teenagers!

    • Hi Cheryl –

      I have a Canon Rebel T2i – I just got a gift certificate to B&H – so I’m going to go check out some new stuff. I definitely need a tripod – and that filter sounds great – I will do some research! Thanks for the feedback!

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