Photo 111 out of 365 – “Glass of Water”

Settings: ISO 6400, f/2.2, 1/500 sec, 50mm lens

I had some more technical difficulties last night so I’m posting two photos today.  It’s definitely a challenge to maintain the strict posting schedule while traveling all over the place!  I woke up early this morning to post from Starbucks, which is now offering free wifi… they used to charge ten dollars.  I’m glad to see they changed that.

Meanwhile, I left NYC on Thursday for another weekend away.  This time, I’m in Massachusetts for my dear friend Faye’s bridal shower.  I’m going to be a bridesmaid at her wedding in September. I have known Faye since we were little girls at Camp Sewataro – probably six or seven years old?  We grew up together, spent third grade through twelfth grade together, got into trouble at Hebrew School for talking through class together, went to Europe twice together, went through first loves and breakups, getting our driver’s licenses, going away to college and just about everything else together.  It’s fun to have a friend like that.  The other day, a song came on the stereo and Faye and I only had to glance at each other to know exactly what the other was thinking…  it’s a friendship rich with memories.


2 thoughts on “Photo 111 out of 365 – “Glass of Water”

    • Thanks Lorene!! The shower came out wonderful!! The bride was super happy. we even made a signature cocktail in her honor – a purple one (her favorite color).

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