Photo 128 out of 365 – “Barn Light”

"Barn Light" - Settings: ISO 800, f/5.0, 1/160 sec, 50mm lens

Today I saw Eat Pray Love.  I wasn’t planning on seeing it in the theater, but my friend Jen, who NEVER goes to movies, sent me a text about 45 minutes before it started so I decided to be spontaneous.  I must say I feel kind of guilty because it is a Monday and that is a “work day” for me and today I really just threw caution to the wind and had a “fun day” instead.  But – now I’m cooking a yummy dinner for Adam and I plan on being extra productive tomorrow so I don’t feel like a slacker!

Anyway – I read Eat Pray Love when Adam and I were in Italy two years ago.  Between the food, the ‘finding oneself’, the travel and the romance, it was a perfect vacation read for me and I enjoyed every second of it.  As for the movie… I wasn’t expecting much as I heard it got pretty bad reviews, and yeah…  it was fairly disappointing.  I mean – Italy, Bali, India, delectable food, Javier Bardem, a multi-million dollar budget… it shouldn’t have been hard to make this movie freaking awesome.  And it really wasn’t.  I enjoyed the final third of the movie, which takes place in Bali, but the rest of it was pretty bland.  How can eating in Italy for four months be bland??  I don’t know – but it was.  And you know how I love food!!

On the other hand – I watched Julie & Julia again yesterday and god that movie really gets me good.  Well… at least the parts about Julia Child.  I was a crying fool watching it!  I know – I’m such a dork.  I think it’s because I have fantasies about going to culinary school to become a genius chef (just for fun), becoming famous blogger, publishing a book and living abroad….  I guess it sort of all hits home for me.  Add becoming an esteemed portrait photographer and having a family to that list and it’s pretty much my dream life.  I’m working on it… I’m working on it. 🙂


8 thoughts on “Photo 128 out of 365 – “Barn Light”

  1. I don’t know, Nell. I think you’re living a dream already. Between the wonderful husband and friends (featured conveniently in your photos), your artwork, the CHEESE!, and everything else mixed in, as a faithful blog-follower, I think you’re doing something right already. Keep it up!

    • oh my god… you’re so totally right. I consider myself to be ridiculously lucky and blessed and I’m so grateful – and yes, I feel like I am living my dreams right now. I’m just an ambitious chick – I have a need for achievement! good or bad… not sure, but at least it keeps me busy. 🙂

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