Photo 129 out of 365 – “Waiting Out the Rain”

"Waiting Out The Rain" - Settings: ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/200 sec, 50mm lens

I took this photo yesterday, while standing in the very cramped doorway of a take-out place on 1st street between 1st Avenue and Avenue A.  I stopped at Whole Foods to get some goodies for dinner and on my walk home, the skies opened up and the rain came falling.  I thought I could make it home, but my grocery bags were paper and it was coming down like crazy so I snuck into this doorway with a couple of young Italians – probably in their 20’s – who were visiting from Rome.  We all decided to wait it out for a few minutes, but the rain only intensified.  I turned it into a photographic opportunity.  The awning we were standing beneath had little Christmas lights hanging and I wanted to try to capture the lights, the trees in the background and the raindrops – without getting my camera soaked!  I think this photo captures the moment pretty well.  I usually don’t like so much empty white space – but I think it sort of works here.  What do you think?


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