Photo 137 out of 365 – “Interview With a Muppet”

"Interview With a Muppet" - Settings: ISO 3200, f/4.5, 1/50 sec, 105mm (24-105mm lens)

So – today was an exciting day!  I had my first official day on the job as an assistant camera woman on a shoot!  Adam’s company, Bodega got hired to shoot and produce a video tribute to the President of Food Network – Brooke Johnson in honor of her being named “Woman of the Year” by WICT (Women in Cable Television).  For the video – we are interviewing several top executives from Scripps Networks as well as several on-air chefs & TV personalities from Food Network.  I’ve been studying up on my camera, which happens to shoot amazing quality video in addition to gorgeous photographs (god i love this camera).  Yesterday I went to Adorama to pick up some rental equipment and I got to try out some fabulous camera lenses.  I used a lens today that costs $2500 to buy!! – I’m in heaven. 🙂  One of my favorite lenses I tried is this 100mm Canon L Series Macro lens.  It lets you shoot objects really close-up, which I love to do.  Here is an example of me playing with that lens in the store…  I love how it captures texture in such incredible detail.  I will have a field day with this baby some day – it’s now topping my wish list for lenses I hope to own.

Macro Lens - Zipper - Settings: ISO 1600, f/4, 1/50 sec, 100mm Macro Lens

Meanwhile, the shoot today went fantastic!  I really enjoyed myself and I can’t wait for the fun to continue tomorrow.  At eight a.m. tomorrow morning, we are heading out to Bobby Flay’s house in the Hamptons to do his interview!!  What a trip!  So – good things all around.  On another note,  I’m also starting to get some head shot appointments – and now that I know how easy and reasonable it is to rent a lens… I’m totally going to rent some better equipment so I can knock these head shots out of the park!

Oh yeah…  and the little blue muppet is not officially part of the interview.  He was just sitting in so I could practice with my equipment and camera settings.  But isn’t he cute?


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