Photo 146 out of 365 – “Nutrament & Graffiti”

"Nutrament & Graffiti" - Settings: ISO 100, f/5, 1/40 sec, 50mm lens

Yes, this is just someone else’s garbage, sitting on a concrete ledge on my block in the East Village.  I don’t even know what Nutrament is… but what compelled me to stop and take pictures of this scene, is the way the colors in the graffiti match the colors of the Nutrament can’s design so perfectly.  It’s almost as if someone was inspired by the can and created the graffiti right underneath it to match.  Do you see what I mean?  I thought it was kind of a cool coincidence.

Meanwhile, I’m so psyched for this weekend.  We have NO plans.  Yay.  Well, except for a brunch on Monday with friends in Brooklyn.  We’re going to Fornino… I used to eat pizza there almost weekly – back in the olden days when I would spend every Friday night at the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg.  I haven’t been in years, and this time we’re checking out the Park Slope location.  We’re going to eat (not pizza – I think they have a brunch menu), and then we’ll browse around the Park Slope hood a bit.   It’s time to get serious about researching Brooklyn neighborhoods as Adam and I are pretty set on moving by next June latest.

So other than Monday brunch, I plan on sleeping late, relaxing and reading A LOT!  I have a bunch of food/cheese books I ordered about a month ago – on the advice of Steven Jenkins.  I met Steven at the Vermont Cheesemakers Festival, where I chased him down after a panel discussion and pitched him our idea for a cheese movie.  Steven Jenkins is seriously the big cheese of cheese.  He was very gracious and gave me his email address and we corresponded a bit back and forth.  He gave me a list of five books that I HAD to read if I am serious about this cheese thing.  Of course, I ordered them all that week:

  • Guide du Fromage by Pierre Androuet
  • The French Cheese Book by Patrick Rance
  • Honey From a Weed by Patience Gray
  • When French Women Cook by Madeleine Kamman
  • The Auberge of the Flowering Hearth by Roy Andries de Groot

I’ve read a little of the Guide du Fromage and it’s amazing, but things have been so busy that I haven’t had time to really immerse myself in these books.  I’m sure they’re treasure troves of foodie bliss, so I’m looking forward to diving in full force this weekend.

What are you all doing this holiday weekend?  Any exciting plans?


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