Photo 149 out of 365 – “Made by Amie”

"Made by Amie" - Settings: 3200, f/3.5, 1/100 sec

My friend Amie recently returned home from a trip to France where she found these amazing metal beads (bronze?) at a street market in Paris.  She bought a bunch of them and she’s been making the coolest necklaces out of them!  I totally want one.

Anyway last night we went out for dinner and drinks with Amie and Rob (her hubby & my college roommate for a year) to Death & Co. It was a really fun place – sort of a speakeasy vibe with awesome cocktails and small plates of yummy comfort food with a gourmet flair.   I wet my whistle with a Slap’n Pickle (I’m a cheese ball – I  know – I couldn’t resist), which was a gin, cucumber, lime and grenadine concoction.  It was delish!  I’ve recently decided that I like gin – after years of being convinced that I hate it.  You see, I mistakingly hated gin this whole time, when what I really dislike is the tonic water!  Every time I’ve tried gin, it’s been mixed with tonic and I hate that bitter taste of tonic!  So gin is now my new liquor of choice.  In the past I have never really been much of a liquor drinker – but I must say, I’m digging this new fancy cocktail trend.  I love all the fresh ingredients that are being used and how creative the recipes are!

So alas, our three-day weekend is over.  It was a good weekend – but man… it went by way too fast!  We’ve got a busy week coming up.  Adam’s super busy at work and I’m doing two photo shoots this week, along with making matzoh ball soup from scratch for Rosh Hashanah on Thursday night.  The matzoh ball soup recipe comes from my mother – and I still think it’s the best I’ve ever had!  And it makes the apartment smell divine.  Yum.  So – goodnight for now and happy Tuesday tomorrow!


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