Photo 153 out of 365 – “Ravishing Rob”

"Ravishing Rob" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/3.2, 1/60 sec, 50mm lens

What a stud right?

This is Rob – Rob likes wrestling – hence the belt.  Rob is also extremely fun to take pictures of and lives downstairs from me. You can be sure to expect more photos of Rob in the next 200 posts.

Last night we had a wonderfully fun and delicious Rosh Hashanah dinner with Rob, Amie and Amie’s family (our adopted family for holidays).  Amie roasted two amazing whole red snappers with lemon and rosemary, as well as a chicken!  I made the matzo ball soup (as you’ve seen).  Amie’s mom made a kick ass brisket and a blueberry-apple crumble pie for dessert and my darling Adam made his famous whipped cream… whipped by hand of course.  We totally feasted.  Then we wrestled.  No… just kidding.

I’ve been in a bit of a food coma all day today – and am rather exhausted from the week.  I had a great head shot session yesterday (before Rosh dinner) with an actor – my first official paid session and it went really well!  We totally had fun and I definitely got some awesome shots of him.  I’m excited for my next booking!

Today I spent much of the day exploring printing and framing – both at print shops and galleries.  As I mentioned, I’m going to be displaying a collection at my friend’s cheese shop next month, so all of a sudden I have to turn these digital files into real art – with frames!!  Scary!  I literally went into a print shop today and told them I have no idea what I’m doing and had them show me all sorts of samples of different types of paper and different print styles.  It’s all overwhelming, but exciting and amazing at the same time.  Plus – I’m glad there’s a fire under my butt to actually print some of my work.  Otherwise, who knows how long I’d just leave it all as files in my computer!

Thankfully, we’ve got nothing much going on this weekend (ahhhhhh…. glory), so we’re looking forward to a little bit of quiet R&R.  I almost wish it was going to rain all weekend.  For me personally, because there is so much going on in NYC at any given time, I feel like a lazy butt just lying around on my couch at home on the weekends.  That is of course, unless it’s raining… then it seems like the perfectly appropriate thing to do.   Any rain in the forecast?

Have a great weekend everyone!


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