Photo 154 out of 365 – “Evil Ghost Fountain” & Way to go Fresh Direct

"Evil Ghost Fountain" - Settings: ISO 800, f/3.2, 1/640 sec, 50mm lens

This is a fountain down the street from Adam’s office building in Chelsea.  It is set off from the street in a private little nook and on my way to go visit Bodega on Friday, I popped in to take some pics.  I changed my settings to allow for continuous shooting, increased my shutter speed to catch the water frozen in motion and snapped away to see what I’d get.  Well, in going through my photos yesterday, I came to this one and right away I saw a creepy evil ghost face in the white foamy splash on the left side of the picture.  Do you see it? Adam saw it.  Or else he was just humoring me.  It sort of looks like Voldemort?  Or an evil skeleton death mask of some sort.

On another note, I had a good experience with Fresh Direct this weekend and I want to share it with everyone.  For anyone not familiar, Fresh Direct is a NY-based online grocery business, promising fresher foods at lower prices than supermarkets, delivered directly to your door.  I decided to try out the service to get all my matzo ball soup ingredients delivered to me this past week.  Being in NYC, it’s difficult when you have to do a big shop because after shopping, you either have to catch a taxi to take you home, or you have to schlep all your groceries back from the grocery store, which gets rather heavy and uncomfortable.  So Fresh Direct seemed like a perfect solution.  I ordered all my groceries on Tuesday afternoon for a Wednesday morning delivery.  They gave me a two-hour delivery time slot of ten in the morning to noon on Wednesday.  Well… noon rolls around and nothing.  At twelve-fifteen, they rang my buzzer and met me at my door with two boxes of groceries.  It’s fun opening up your packages and unpacking all the goods.  I was super satisfied with everything except for the garlic bulb.  It was a bulb I would have tossed aside had I been shopping at the store.  A few of the cloves were caved in and rotted – it didn’t seem fresh. Other than that – all was well!

Meanwhile, at eight-twenty am on Saturday, I got an email from customer service asking me if I was 100% satisfied with my Fresh Direct order.  Being my mother’s daughter… I felt I should be polite, yet honest about my complaints.  At eleven-fifteen am, I wrote them back and told them that I was 90% satisfied and everything was perfect except for the garlic bulb and the fact that the delivery came fifteen minutes outside of the time window promised.  At two pm, I received an email back alerting me that I had been credited back (almost six dollars) for the delivery charge and for the cost of the garlic (fifty-something cents)  – and that 100% satisfaction is their number one priority!  That six-plus dollars will now be credited toward my account and will automatically go towards my next purchase.

That, to me, is good, smart business.  I was so impressed with their level of service that I will 100% order from them again.  I am also compelled to tell everyone I know about how awesome they are.  I wish more companies were like this… and frankly, I want to start eliminating the companies from my life that are NOT like this… it’s like voting with your wallet.


One thought on “Photo 154 out of 365 – “Evil Ghost Fountain” & Way to go Fresh Direct

  1. I agree…that company is very impressive and will be a huge success due to their incredible customer service and the fact that they are filling a need in NYC! I wish that I could patronize them as well!

    Love & Hugs

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