It’s Monday Again… The Weekend Catch-Up

Happy Monday everyone!  So… in continuing where I left off the last time we spoke, Friday night I worked alongside Adam and a small crew covering the Burger Bash event – part of the New York City Food & Wine Festival.  The event was pretty awesome.  It was held at the Tobacco Warehouse in Dumbo, Brookyn.  It is this open-air brick structure – half torn down, which used to be a tobacco warehouse… just guessing.   But it’s right on the water with views of Manhattan and it is directly below the Brooklyn Bridge – so the setting is just SICK!  I was hired as an Assistant Camera… but while Mark (director of photography and best man at our wedding) was filming the interviews with Barney’s’ Simon Doonan and several famous foodies, Adam told me to take my camera and my tripod and get some party and burger footage!  I was a bit nervous at first – being off on my own with no direction… but once I got going, I got really into it!  It was a blast!  I had an all-access badge and got to tell everyone I was shooting for Food Network, which helped me get in closer to the action.  I got some really awesome footage – burgers, chefs, partygoers, signage, flaming grills, etc.  It was a definite sink or swim moment and I believe I swam quite nicely. 🙂  Can’t wait for the next shoot!

Here is a light projection on the wall of the warehouse during the event:

Photo 182 out of 365 – “New York City Wine & Food Festival”

"New York City Wine & Food Festival" - Dumbo, Brooklyn

On Saturday afternoon, Adam left for California for the Carmel Art & Film Festival and then for a Subaru Shoot later this week.  I was so sad to see him go!  This is going to be the longest separation we’ve ever had since meeting each other three years ago.  The truth is… when I go away (like when I went to Guatemala with my friend Amie for a week in February) I’m totally ok.  I mean, I always miss Adam – but I’m happy to be traveling.  On the other hand, when he leaves town and I’m home alone… I don’t like it very much!!  Home feels incomplete without him.  So, Saturday I was a little blue.  I walked around the East Village all by my lonesome, took a bunch of pictures, strolled through a flea market and then decided to treat myself to a pedicure.  Well… nothing beats my blues like a little pampering and this was the best pedicure I’ve ever had in my life!  They took such good care of me for almost two hours!!  What a good idea that was.  Here is the spa I went to… the Galleria Nail Salon… seriously, they rule.  And here is a photo from the flea market:

Photo 183 out of 365 – “East Village Flea Market”

"East Village Flea Market" - Settings: ISO 100, f/4.5, 1/320 sec, 50mm lens

Saturday night I ordered Italian comfort food from Il Bagatto and chilled solo for the evening.  Though I was sort of bored and missed Adam, it was nice having some quiet time – we’ve had a lack of that lately!  Mental note for the future… pedicures, Italian food and some good TV are a perfect cure for a sad Nell.

Sunday, after brunch with my friend Wendy at a new place (well… new to me) called Jo’s, I walked around some more and did a little shopping.  As I walked home – through Soho, I heard some good music happening through the hustle and bustle of the traffic.  As I approached Broadway, I saw this group of Doo Wop singers performing on the street.  They were awesome.  My dad would have loved them… he loves Doo Wop… I thought of him. 🙂   I listened to a couple songs, took some pictures, gave the guys a few bucks and continued on my way.

Photo 184 out of 365 – “Doo Wop on a Soho Street Corner”

"Doo Wop on a Soho Street Corner" - Settings: ISO 100, f/8, 1/125 sec, 50mm lens

As for this week… today I went to the framing store, where I’m having my prints framed for the show I’m doing at Brooklyn Victory Garden.  I had to sign all the mats before they framed the prints and put the backings on.  It’s all a pretty steep learning curve – but hey… this is my first show… I suppose I can take whatever I learn this time around and do it better next time right? I’m psyched about my photos though – they’re big and pretty.  Here is a link to the ones I’ve decided to display:

Nell’s BVG Photo Show

It was a tough decision and several friends helped me out with their opinions.  In the end… I figured, I have to assume that I might end up keeping a lot of these if they don’t sell.  So… I chose photos that I’d actually want to hang on my wall in my apartment.  I was hemming and hawing about including people pictures… like the random people I’ve been meeting around the East Village.  I decided not to this time around.  I love them… and I love taking them, but I don’t know that I’d want a 20×30 picture of my neighborhood drunk dude on my wall.  I also wanted consistency, so I only chose landscape images – no portraits.  I don’t know if that was a good move or not – but it made sense to me after seeing the space.  So – there you have the decision-making process.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy!  And in November, when the Grand Opening of the store happens… I’ll keep you posted and I hope you’ll join me if you’re in the area!


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