It’s on baby…

First, I’ll start you off with photo 185, which I took on Sunday while walking home.  I took a nice long walk, from 27th and 7th back to my apartment and sort of just walked wherever the signals dictated.  I ended up going through a park on 1st Ave and 17th street and there was this guy with a great mustache sitting on a bench.  He had quite a look – not a typical person you see sitting on a bench in NYC.  So I asked him for a photo.  He obliged, then I sat on the bench and chatted with him for a few. Here he is… my NYC cowboy.  Good face right?

Photo 185 out of 365 – “Cowboy on a Bench in NYC”

"Cowboy on a Bench in NYC" - Settings: ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/160 sec, 50mm lens

As for yesterday, once again – a nutty day!  It started with a visit to the nursing home for art class.  Then I scrambled home to spend the next few hours putting together my bio and a price list for the photography show at Brooklyn Victory Garden.  I did all kinds of internet research about pricing and asked a bunch of people’s advice… the people at the print shop, the people at the frame shop.  The advised rates ranged from $150 to $2200 per piece!  Insanity.  I settled for somewhere in the middle… well… not really in the middle… much closer to the lower number.  But I must say – making these pieces cost more than I anticipated.  I used nicer paper to print on – because it’s so much prettier.  I used wood frames instead of metal because they’re so much prettier…  (can you see a pattern here?)  So – my 20×30 prints are going for $450 each.  I’ll see how that goes and I can always make adjustments later I suppose.

At around four o’clock, I zipped uptown to the Upper West Side to pick up my friend Mark’s car, which he kindly let me borrow.  Then I zipped back down to 14th and 7th to the frame shop to pick up all my beautiful framed pieces.  So exciting!  Amie met me there and then the two of us drove to Clinton Hill to Brooklyn Victory Garden to figure out how and where to hang everything.  Luckily, Tess’s husband Tom was there to help us out.  This is one of those situations where I really needed a MAN!  I’m sure I could have done it with Amie… but thank god for Tom.  Hanging large pieces of framed art high up on a wall is quite a process.  And thank god for Amie too… just like choosing which photos to display was difficult for me… deciding the order on the wall and where exactly to put them was definitely stressful!  Thankfully, Amie is super decisive and she totally rocked it and made the process 100 times easier for me.  Thank you Amie. 🙂

Anyway, by around nine at night, we had still only hung three (we had to share our ladder with some other guys doing work in the shop) – so we settled on a plan for the rest and called it quits for the night.  Tom and Tess are going to hang the rest without me but I’m heading back next week to check out the finished product and set up my bio and business cards and all.  This whole thing has been a big challenge – but a super awesome challenge!  And I have a feeling the next time is going to be much easier.

So, here is my photo 186 – a sneak peek for all you nellsdish readers:

Photo 186 out of 365 – “My Wall of Glory”

"My Wall of Glory" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/3.5, 1/60 sec, 50mm lens


Thanks for visiting everyone!  See you tomorrow.


5 thoughts on “It’s on baby…

    • Thanks Dennis! Are you referring to the cowboy? I had another one of him smiling… but I liked this look so much more. He kind of looks pissed or mistrusting of me. Thanks for your comments.

  1. Great picture of mustache guy. You certainly don’t see many like him around NYC.

    Best of luck on your pictures. They look great!

  2. Perfect choices from a great selection to begin with.
    Best of luck, Nell! They’re awesome.
    We’ll be sure to check them out in person

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