Photo 199 out of 365 – “Retro Rose”

Retro Rose

I took this photo yesterday with my cellphone “Retro” camera.  The app comes with a choice of four different cameras – this one is the Barbl option.  I decided to go out for a run… because with all this eating I do – I figured it’s time to start exercising more.  I hadn’t taken my photo of the day yet – but I can’t run with my big Canon – so I carried my phone with me instead.  I am actually pleased with the results.  It’s rather pretty I think.

Anyway, last night’s chicken was delish.  I just love that marsala sauce – with the mushrooms and the deep flavors that come from the wine and the little bit of bacon!  Yummmmm.  For real – I can eat it like SOUP!  Is that wrong?  I made it with a side of green beans (boiled until tender) with toasted almond slivers and just a touch of butter and lemon juice.  And I also had rice – good for soaking up that sauce!

Tonight I’m going to make those little mini turkey meatballs again from Giada… it was a recipe I’ve referenced here before.  They were wonderful and I’m in the mood for a little Italian flave.  I got some wonderful pasta from a company called Rustichella d’abruzzo.  The shape is called bucatini, which is long and thin, like spaghetti – but more tubular… they actually have a tiny hole in the middle – you can blow through it like a straw.  This gives the pasta more body than regular spaghetti… it has a nice chew to it. I’m rather fond of it myself.  I’m going to serve the mini meatballs with fresh tomato sauce, a little bucatini and a nice healthy salad!  Of course with a little grated Parmigiano Reggiano to top it all off!  No meal in this house is complete without at least a little cheese!


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