Photo 201 out of 365 – “Pinty Returns”

"Pinty Returns" - Settings: ISO 3200, f/2.2, 1/40 sec, 50mm lens

Some of you who have been following my Project 365 for a while now probably remember Pinty the cat.  I took a photo of Pinty back in April – he was photo #7!  Well – I was at my friend Manuela’s yesterday (mother of Pinty) and I couldn’t help myself.  I mean, I could seriously take pictures of this cat all day long.  What a face!!  The challenge is – you cannot see his face at all if he is not looking directly at you because his face is so FLAT!  It disappears when he turns!  Anyway – this is my favorite… though I think I like the one I took back in April better – but it’s the best shot I have from yesterday.  He looks sort of angelic with all the fluffy white fur surrounding him.

Meanwhile, I’m not feeling so hot today.  Actually it’s been the last few days… I’ve had a perma-headache.   And I woke up quite cranky this morning, which is not my norm.  I think I might be coming down with something and tonight I’m off to a Halloween party and I must admit, I am totally NOT in the Halloween spirit!  Bah humbug.  Of course I left my costume to the last minute… I figured I had a few things at home that would be cute and creative so I didn’t really give it much thought.  Well last night I tried on two of the outfits I had envisioned in my head and they were both awful!!  NOT CUTE AT ALL.  I felt like a stuffed sausage.  It’s just one of those weeks.  I ended up going out this morning and buying a costume in a bag.  Sometimes it’s just easier that way – you know?


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