Photo 214 out of 365 – “Cat in a Second-Story Window”

"Cat in a Second-Story Window" - Settings: ISO 200, f/18, 1/125 sec, 50mm lens

This is the scene I stumbled upon literally one door down from my apartment building yesterday when I left to go run some errands.  I love it!  The cat is just chilling… watching the passersby, getting some fresh air.  I love his stance… and how he’s looking away from camera.  I have another one where he’s looking right at me, but this one was more powerful.  And that lens flare just makes it for me.  I knew it would be my photo of the day even though it was the first photo I took!  It just has that magic in my opinion.

Meanwhile, I seem to have a bug up my butt for some reason this week… some sort of restlessness.  I think it’s because I finished with the prints for the photography show, which was a big, challenging task – and now I’m done with it and I’m feeling like – “ok… what’s next”… you know?  This photo project and blogging is definitely both stimulating and difficult, though because I do it every day, it is starting to take on a more routine feel vs. a big exciting challenge I have to rise to.

I had the craziest most exhausting dream last night.  I was at my friend Faye’s wedding weekend (which happened already), and I was SUPER late for the brunch because I couldn’t find my hotel room.  I felt really guilty!  And panicky!  I kept running around the halls of the hotel endlessly and couldn’t remember which room I was in.  Then, after the brunch, I was supposed to pack up and catch a bus somewhere, but I kept losing my suitcases.  I gave them to an attendant and then I couldn’t remember who I gave them to – and again, I was running around in circles for what seemed like HOURS – looking for my bags – and all of the hotel employees were rude and completely unhelpful.  I was happy to wake up to the fact that it was just a dream – but it definitely seems related to this little bit of anxiousness I’m feeling this week.  Dreams are so interesting.

I have a few projects I’d like to start working on, which will hopefully ease this feeling, including re-starting a yoga practice (I just bought a beginner’s package and will go to my first class tomorrow).  And today, I’m working on a shoot for Bodega, which should be really cool.  We’re doing time-lapse photography of the Barneys holiday window being put together.  This is my first exposure to time-lapse photography, so I’m excited to learn something new!  Plus – it’s the Barneys holiday window… how fun!  I am working on this today, Friday and next Tuesday – and then Tuesday night is the big unveiling party and I believe I’ll be there shooting party footage as well.  That should be really cool!

Anyway – that’s what’s on my mind this morning.  Oh yeah, and the healthy tuna meal I made last night was NOT very good.  I didn’t like it at all.  It was too salty and needed a sweet taste to balance the salty soy… maybe honey?  The little parchment packets were fun to make though – and they made cleanup quite easy!

Here is the runner up for photo of the day, which was the last picture I took yesterday.  The cat wins… but I like this one quite a bit too.  A totally different vibe.

"Roses" - Settings: ISO 400, f/2.5, 1/100 sec, 50mm lens



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