Fun with the Macro Lens…

Yesterday was a crazy day – I spent the first half of the day with all my elderly friends at the nursing home and then I spent the second half of the day with the who’s who of foodie people at the Barneys window unveiling party.  Nutty.  I mean – in normal circumstances, I would have been in heaven being in the same room as all these foodie personalities… Anthony Bourdain, Mario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Jamie Oliver, Gail Simmons, Dana Cowan, Bobby Flay – and so many more.  But shooting an event is TOUGH.  First, I kind of felt like paparazzi – and that felt a little yucky.  Second, I’m lugging a tripod around trying to set it up and get pretty shots and it’s a crowded party with people everywhere, bumping into me, walking in front of me, etc.  Definitely a challenge!  Anyway – I’m grateful to have had the experience for sure… but shooting events is not as fun as I would have thought!  AND… I didn’t take any pictures from the party because I was so focused on trying to get good film footage…  luckily Amie was there assisting and she got a bunch of good stills.  I’m uploading them as we speak and will share a few tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I’m loving my macro lens!  I know I shot roses the other day… but it’s a whole different story with this lens!

Photo 220 out of 365 – “Rose”

"Rose" - Settings: ISO 800, f/10, 1/40 sec, 100mm macro


And yesterday I seriously only took three pictures the entire day.  And I’m not exactly crazy about any of them – it was the first time I actually considered cheating, because on Monday I took about ten photos I would have been proud to post.  But no… I’m not going to cheat.  This one is kind of cool.  I took it while I was getting a manicure.  I like the nail dust and the black background.  If I had to take it again, I would have done an aperture of f/12 or something… so the rest of my finger wouldn’t be quite so blurry.

Photo 221 out of 365 – “Nail File”

“Nail File” – ISO 6400, f/5, 1/400 sec, 100mm macro lens


Off to lunch now!  Running late as usual!!



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