Photo 222 out of 365 – “High Line Meditation”

"High Line Meditation" - Settings: ISO 400, f/16, 1/320 sec, 100mm macro lens

Yesterday I got together with Beth (from North Carolina) and we shared a lovely few hours together before she and Wyeth had to hit the road back to NC.  We met for lunch at The Little Owl and shared some appetizers and sides.  The side of mushrooms with truffle butter and toasted bread crumbs was my favorite dish.  I’m totally in love with mushrooms now.  I have to start trying all the different kinds and learning which type is which.  I am familiar with the names of a bunch of varieties – but I don’t know what they look like or how to cook them!  Add it to the to-do list. 🙂

After lunch we went to Murray’s and tried some yummy cheeses – my favorite was my good friend Ossau-Iraty, a raw sheep’s milk cheese made in the French Basque region.  It is a little sweet, a little nutty and quite delicious!  I think it’s definitely one of my top ten faves.  Then we walked up to the High Line for a stroll and for some pictures.  The High Line is a new park in NYC that was built on the old elevated train tracks that are no longer in use.  It spans from 10th – 11th Avenue and from the West Village/Meatpacking district up to around 23rd street.  I’ve checked it out a couple times in the past, but we enjoyed it so much yesterday!  It is a little urban oasis – with really cool design elements.  You feel like you are removed from the hustle and bustle of the city and it’s got this sort of modern industrial vibe going on with the addition of some beautiful landscaping (rough & natural – not manicured at all).  I plan on going back there much more often – especially when it gets warmer again.  They have these beautiful wooden lounge chairs set up – which look right up at the sky and it looks like the perfect place to catch up on some reading.

Up at the High Line is where I took the photo of the straw-type grass that is today’s photo of the day.  It was incredibly windy yesterday – seriously GUSTY and I took a few moments to stare at that grass as it was blowing around.  I found it really mesmerizing.  The lighting was so beautiful – even now, I think the photo totally emanates warmth from the fall afternoon sun shining on that grass.

Anyway – off to my second yoga class!  I really enjoyed it last week.  My favorite part is the meditation at the end where you just lie there with your eyes closed.  Ha.  And the teacher comes over and pushes your shoulders down and massages your neck for a minute (of course it’s my favorite part – duh). But it feels so good because you just worked all your muscles and it is like your prize for doing the work.  Fun.


One thought on “Photo 222 out of 365 – “High Line Meditation”

  1. ooh, i forgot to tell you that, after the little soiree i threw in NYC with your cheese selections, there was a little bit of each cheese left over (i bought way too much!). so not long after the party, my mom came to visit, so we did a reprise of the cheese tasting so that she and her friend got to try each one. her friend was very into the tomme crayeuse (which she dubbed “tom cruise”) but my mom was TOTALLY obsessed with the ossau-iraty, could not get enough! 🙂 it’s so interesting to see what everyone likes.

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