Good Morning Monday!

I must say this was a super relaxing and enjoyable weekend.  It was very chill, with lots of time spent cozied up at home with Adam.  I also saw two movies, several friends and re-discovered a yummy little restaurant just a few blocks away!

Movie #1 – Harry Potter.  LOVED IT!  Seriously, I was so sad when it ended, I could have spent another five hours in the theater immersed in the world of Potter & gang.  I now want to go back and watch every Harry Potter from the beginning as I’ve forgotten many of the details – plus, it’s fun to see them all as little kids now!

Movie #2 – 127 Hours.  This was obviously a crazy film… and I totally liked it!  I definitely had to close my eyes through the whole arm-cutting scene – but James Franco was amazing and the story is incredible.  I can’t believe it’s true.  It is one inspirational survival story.

As for the rest of the weekend, Saturday after hanging out at home for most of the day, reading, photo-editing, catching up on emails, etc, Adam and I went out for an early-bird dinner at around six o’clock.  I’m telling you… that’s the way to do it on a Saturday night in Manhattan.  We didn’t have to wait for a table, the neighborhood was still quiet and we were home and in our PJs by eight o’clock.  Yes, we’ve become little old people.  But we like it.  So it’s cool.

We went to this place called Sake Bar Satsko on 7th street between B & C.  It is such a cozy spot with a nice variety of Sakes on the menu.  We decided to go for a bottle… needless to say, we got rather smashed!  The chef/owner was there and we got to meet her, which was fun.  I’m actually sending her a few photos fr0m dinner that I took!  We ordered delicious gyoza (pork/beef dumplings), edamame, tuna tataki and chicken curry.  It was a great meal – my favorite parts were the dumplings, the music they were playing and the overall ambiance… very enjoyable spot.

Photo 225 out of 365 – “Condensation”

"Condensation" - Settings: ISO 6400, f/4, 1/30 sec, 100mm macro lens

I took this photo at dinner with the macro lens.  It is a closeup of an ice bucket, with condensation on it.  The red color is the reflection from the red beaded lamp hanging above our table.  I’m just so amazed and awed by the incredible detail this lens allows me to capture.  Lately, you can find me taking photos about an inch away from such things as brick walls, tree trunks and the textured metallic surface on the inside of the new subway cars.  I’m looking at everything in a new way now.  It’s refreshing.

Photo 226 out of 365 – “Jonny H.”

“Jonny H.” – Settings: ISO 6400, f/3.2, 1/50 sec, 100mm macro lens

Sunday I had the pleasure of enjoying catch-up sessions with a few special peeps.  My friend Jonny – of the wonderfully talented and rocking Jones Street Station was one of those people.  Thank you Jonny for allowing me to photograph you.  I still have a huge desire to get better at photographing people – and I’m still not very comfortable with asking strangers on the street.  Thankfully, I have lots of awesome and attractive friends who don’t mind humoring me.  Thanks friends.  I eventually want to do photo shoots of every single one of you!  So get ready. 🙂

Anyway, with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, we’re tying up some loose ends here and taking off tomorrow night to ride back to good old Westborough, MA.  Have I mentioned Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday?  I think it’s because it involves family, friends, going back home and eating a huge array of delicious food.  What’s better than that?



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