Gross Juice… Hot Lens!

So The Juice Press one-day juice cleanse… not really a fan.  I’ve actually done a juice cleanse once before and the juices were pretty tasty.  There were a couple in the bunch of eight yesterday that were actually enjoyable, a few that were manageable and then the rest were absolutely horrible (at least in my opinion).  I had to completely dilute one of them to even get it down at all because it had the consistency of sludge and tasted like spicy, salty, garlic and spinach mush.  I really thought puking was a possibility.  But I held it together.

Also – last time I do remember feeling really energetic… and while I was a bit wired/strung out (not exactly energetic) last night, today I am totally exhausted and sluggish.  I do feel a little lighter though.  And it has inspired me to keep putting good things in my body – especially more fruits and veggies and WATER!  And that was really the point… to get me started on a new healthier foot in 2011.  An interesting experiment for sure.

Oh yeah – and by the way… every muscle in my body is hurting (thank you Pilates) – so I’m sure that’s contributing to the sluggishness a bit. 🙂

Anyway, here’s my photo from yesterday:

Photo 270 out of 365 – “Dropped Call”

"Dropped Call" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/2, 1/50 sec, 85mm lens

For this photo, I had the pleasure of using a GORGEOUS 85mm L Canon lens.  I think it makes the subject look so crisp and vivid.  If you’re interested (camera nerd talk for a minute), the aperture (the opening letting in light) on this lens opens to a maximum of 1.2 – which, I believe is the widest aperture Canon makes.   The wide aperture is what gives you this shallow depth of field… where the telephone is in sharp focus but everything in the background is super blurred out.  I decided to play with the color on this one a bit in Lightroom – I thought this greenish/bluish hue kind of went with the mood and the environment in the shot.

Oh… and this lens is apparently really great for portraits – I’m excited to test that out.  Let me know if you’re interested!

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