Risk and Bodegas…

Adam downloaded a new game of Risk on our Playstation last week and I have become quite obsessed with taking over the world. Have you ever played?  There’s so much strategy involved – I love it!  Though I just got CREAMED by the ‘Adam and Michele’ duo. Michele is Adam’s niece, who is in town visiting us from California.  We cooked up some delicious chicken enchiladas for dinner tonight and now I’m beat!  I haven’t been sleeping very well lately – can I still be on California time??  Can jet lag last two weeks?

Anyway, here is my photo from yesterday:

Photo 271 out of 365 – “Bodega”

"Bodega" - Settings: ISO 1600, f/3.2, 1/100 sec, 85mm lens

Bodega is the name of Adam’s company, but it’s also the Spanish word for “small store”, and there are hundreds of them scattered throughout the city.  It’s funny, ever since I’ve lived in New York, the word “bodega” has become part of my daily vocabulary.  Bodegas are awesome!  They are on just about every corner, they always have an ATM, and as you can see, they are typically pretty stocked with anything you might need at any hour of the day or night.  This picture was fun to me because of all the bright colors (which I enhanced just a tad in Lightroom) and the repetition in the way the shelves are stocked.

Oh – and it was a tough decision between two pictures from yesterday for photo of the day.  Michele helped me deliberate this afternoon.  The runner up is pretty fun too – thanks to Robyn, who was totally game to be my photo subject last night and ran throughout the store doing goofy things.  Love you Robyn!

Robyn in a Blue Mirror Outside a Soho Bodega

Like This!


2 thoughts on “Risk and Bodegas…

  1. I loved your pictures but I was a little confussed about the “bodega”. Is it the way you refer to places like the one you show in the picture??

    Funny the way a language varies from country to country. Here we call Bodega to wineries or stores related to wines.

    • Thanks Ellen! I’m looking forward to checking out your blog too… I love traveling, writing & taking pictures (I read your ‘about’ page) … it is one of my favorite things too. Yes – here in NYC, “bodegas” are the little small corner markets that have a mishmash of stuff! Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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