Borough Conundrum

So, our lease is up at the end of May and since we’ve been coexisting in less than 600 sq. feet for almost three years now, we’re ready to take it to the next level… a two bedroom!  But where?  That is the question.  We have been flirting with several neighborhoods in Brooklyn, then started thinking about staying in Manhattan – maybe Chelsea (easy commute for Adam), then we decided we’d start looking on the Upper West Side… parks, more space… we even told our broker we wanted to start there.

And then today I met a friend for lunch in the Cobble Hill/Brooklyn Heights neighborhood and I was totally feeling the pull of Brooklyn.  There are those cute little side streets with charming brownstones, tons of restaurants, the buildings aren’t too tall – it’s quaint, cozy and still has that funky vibe that I love in the East Village.  After lunch, I got on the F train to head home, but instead of getting off the train at 2nd Avenue, I felt compelled to stay on.  I switched trains twice and went all the way up to 110th street and then I walked…for about forty blocks…just to get the feel of the Upper West Side.  And you know what?  It didn’t feel quite right.  The streets are so wide up there and there are lots of tallish buildings and none of the restaurants looked cozy and appealing to me!  I’m such a downtown girl.  Oye vey.  I’ve been craving change for years and now that change is a few months away, I feel paralyzed with indecision!   What’s a girl to do?  (All good and exciting problems to have… I know…I know.)

Well, for now I’m going to post my photo from yesterday and then go plop on the couch to watch some TV because my feet hurt from walking so much.

Photo 312 out of 365 – “Art Class at Cabrini”

"Art Class at Cabrini" - Settings: ISO 3200, f/4, 1/250 sec, 85mm lens


6 thoughts on “Borough Conundrum

    • Hey heather! I’d love to talk to you more about it. I’ll shoot you an email. I like Brooklyn Heights/Boreum Hill/cobble hill… going to go walk around today if it’s not too cold!

  1. You have to love the place where you live so keep looking and keep walking to get the feeling of the place. I´ve moved 5 times in the last 6 years, different reasons but last time (my previous apartment where I lived just 6 months) I bursted into tears for no aparent reason and I spent that first day in the park, crying. Something was not right. Then I knew it was not right for me. It wasn´t “my place” so I moved (not just because of that, the apartment had serious plumbing problems, no hot water in winter for example!!!) GOOD LUCK in your search!!

    • Thanks Ellen. I agree… it’s important to love the place you live. I hope the weather warms up soon – makes the whole walking around and exploring neighborhoods a whole lot more pleasant. 🙂 Thanks always for your comments and your encouragement!

    • Thanks toemailer! I just glanced at your blog and it’s awesome! I totally want to send you some toe pictures! In the 318 days I’ve been taking pictures, I’ve definitely taken at least a few of my toes… but I’ll create an original one once I get a pedicure. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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