Beauty of a Rainy Day…

Yesterday it was kind of wet and crappy out.   At around four o’clock, I decided to get over it and I headed outside to run a few errands.  As I walked down my block, I looked up (I look everywhere now when I walk… a pleasant side effect of studying photography), and up above me in the trees I saw a beautiful sight.  There were little water droplets hanging everywhere post rain and the light was reflecting off the little droplets, creating this lovely twinkly effect in the branches.  Excited, I snapped a few pictures with my 50mm lens – here is one of those:

Twinkly Branches

I took a bunch of these pictures, but none of them captured the beauty and magic that I saw in real life.   I tried to blur the background out more so  it wouldn’t be a distraction – but here, even with a setting of f/1.4, I still find the background fairly distracting. Don’t you?  Then I remembered I had my 100mm macro lens with me, so swapped lenses and got closer to the droplets.  And voila… I kind of love the way this one turned out.  What do you think?

Photo 346 out of 365 – “Drip”

"Drip" - Settings: ISO 800, f/4.5, 1/60 sec, 100mm macro lens

Nineteen photos to go!




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