Photo of the Day and Update on “Hello Lonesome”

Photo 347 out of 365 – “Happy Little Girl in the Chase Bank Window”

"Happy Little Girl in the Chase Bank Window" - Settings: ISO 200, f/5, 1/250 sec, 50mm lens

I stopped at the ATM yesterday and as I walked out the door I saw these two kids crouched down on the floor looking out the window.  When I got outside, I crouched down and waved to the little girl through the glass.  She waved back and was definitely intrigued by me.  Then I picked up my camera and showed it to her and she just sat there posing, with that excited sweet smile on her face – eager to be photographed.  I love making little connections like that with children.  They are so curious and pure and unaffected.  I just wish the glass had been a little cleaner. 🙂

Meanwhile, I’ve gotten back into the habit of posting late at night again and it’s a baaaaaaad habit for me.  My brain is tired and sharing my thoughts doesn’t come as easily as it does when I’m fresh and it’s light outside. A new goal for April… early blogging.  Tomorrow I’m heading home to Massachusetts to catch up with friends and family and to celebrate my grandfather’s ninety-first birthday.  He is actually an award-winning photographer (I like to think some of his artistic eye got passed down to me) – nature and landscapes are his greatest inspiration.  For his birthday, we all went in on a new digital camera for him and I am excited to help him learn how to use it.  Maybe I can talk him into doing a 365 project of his own.

Then, the first week of April we are off to Oregon for a week!  I’m super psyched.  I have never been to Oregon, but in my head, Portland is my ideal place;  good food scene, environmentally clean, liberal, good city for bikers, idealistic, good arts scene, lots of natural beauty, friendly community, a little bit of hippie vibe without too much … you know what I mean?  That being said, I’ve never even been there – this is all speculation based on reading about it, so we’ll see how I feel when I’m there in person.  We are spending two nights in Portland, then driving down the coast to a town called Depoe Bay.  I just booked a room at what looks to be a lovely inn there – overlooking the ocean and oh yes… each room has a private little deck with an outdoor jacuzzi!  I mean… what’s better than that?

After Depoe Bay we’re heading down to Ashland in southern Oregon for the Ashland Independent Film Festival, where we have been invited to show Hello Lonesome as part of the narrative feature film competition!  I’m psyched.  I think the folks in Ashland are going to love the film and I think we’re going to love Ashland!  It seems like a beautiful charming artsy little city… my favorite kind. 🙂

Oh – and for any newcomers to nellsdish, Hello Lonesome is my husband’s first feature film (writer, director, cinematographer, producer, etc.) and I’m really crazy proud of it and him!  Go look it up and become a fan on Facebook… more screenings will be announced in the coming months!

Anyway – off to bed with me.  I have to wake up early to pack.  Night!


4 thoughts on “Photo of the Day and Update on “Hello Lonesome”

  1. Hey Nell- love all your photos- this one included. Would love u to do a photo shoot of my girls sometime. Pearl is such a hoot! Happy Birthday to Uncle Arnold. I will try & call him this weekend. What a great gift for u to give him. I would love u to inspire him to do a similar project! Also good luck in the film festival & have an awesome trip. I’m jealous! Sounds right up my alley too. Hope to be able to see Hello Lonesome sometime soon beyond the trailers but what I’ve seen looks great!!

    Staying up late on the computer is a bad habit 4 me too! Especially when monkeys wake me up anytime after 6am. Sleep tight!

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