Renegade Accordion

Photo 354 out of 365 – “Renegade Accordion”

"Renegade Accordion" - Settings: ISO 6400, f/4.5, 1/100 sec, 10-22mm lens (22mm)

We saw this guy in the 14th street F station yesterday.  When we arrived he was playing Mad World by Tears for Fears and then as we were hopping on the train, he started playing the Super Mario Brothers theme song.  Awesome.  He has a fan page on Facebook, a Twitter account and countless videos on Youtube.  In a video interview, he claimed that he actually makes his rent by performing as a street musician.  He also said that he definitely makes more money when he wears the Boba Fett helmut. Meanwhile, taking a closer look at the sign…

Renegade Accordion Sign

He has a Masters degree in engineering from Columbia and can’t find work in engineering.  Crazy.  I have to say – he seems to be getting a lot of positive attention doing this!  It’s pretty badass if you ask me.  It just goes to show you that attitude and creativity (and taking chances) can lead you in all sorts of directions… even when things aren’t working out as you originally planned.


Meanwhile, I came across an interesting question yesterday and wanted to share:

“If you could master any skill instantly, what would it be?”

Hmmmmmm.  I’ll let you know my answer tomorrow.  What would you choose?


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