Moody Shmoody & Hello Lonesome coming to NYC!!

Sorry for exposing you all to my bummy mood and overall ho humminess on Monday.  I was just one of those days you know? Thankfully, I’m over it.  I went to the nursing home yesterday and made collages with the lovely ladies of Cabrini then went to the gym and sweated my butt off for an hour, which felt really good.  I read half of The Zen of Social Media Marketing… yes, I’m becoming a Twitter machine.  Then I hit up Whole Foods and bought tons of yummy veggies and made a healthy veggie stir-fry for dinner – shitakes, snow peas, baby corns, broccoli, red & yellow peppers, onions, garlic, ginger – twas delish!  I’m trying to get us to eat a little less meat these days.

Meanwhile, exciting stuff going on here.  We are preparing for a theater run of Hello Lonesome (updated website HERE) for one week at the Cinema Village theater in NYC!  It’s a really cool theater – one of the oldest continuously running art house theaters in NYC!!  The movie is going to be playing from 5/27 – 6/2 and we are PSYCHED!  I’m doing everything possible to spread the word.  At every festival we’ve played at, people have really seemed to connect deeply with the film – it’ll be exciting to see how our hometown responds!  So… if you live in NYC or know anyone who lives in NYC, please tell them to become a fan!  You can follow our progress and get showtimes on Facebook, Twitter or on the Hello Lonesome website.  This is the big push baby!

Here is our updated trailer:

And here is our updated poster:

Hello Lonesome

PS – does anyone watch Friday Night Lights?  Because we just started watching it from the beginning of season one and I am so hooked!!  I could watch like fifty episodes in a row.  I’m obsessed.


5 thoughts on “Moody Shmoody & Hello Lonesome coming to NYC!!

  1. It’s quite possible that “Friday Night Lights” is the greatest TV show of all time. Ok, that’s a little overboard but……’s awesome. Go Riggins!

    Can’t wait to see the movie in NYC. Very excited.

  2. I’m pretty confident the world of social media will be happy to count you among its leaders. “Zen and the art…” is good. Also definitely check out Seth Godin. I suggest “Tribes”, “Linchpin” and his blog: As someone who works full time in the social media world, it comes down to creating, empowering and caring. Which is also why I recommend Gary Vaynerchuck’s new book, “The Thank You Economy” -I’ll send you a copy, I have lots of extras of this one. is a great social media resource for not just what’s happening in the world of social media from the tech and content angles, but also for JOBS 🙂 Speaking of jobs, StartupsHiring is a good option for someone interested in creating and connecting communities: This is the kind of thing where you never know that jobs like the one(s) you want even existed!

    I have no doubt you will be successful in your transition. As one who made a similar move, it only really makes sense in hindsight – how all the pieces came together (and apart) at just the right times to wind up in a way that allows for a new way to live of your choosing!

    And like you, I started FNL a few months ago and watched straight through. How did I miss this?! Greatest show of the last decade, easy.

    • Chris – this is AWESOME! What a great resource you are!! Thank you so much. I read Gary Veynerchuck’s other book (can’t remember the name right now) and really liked it, so I’d love for you to send me the new one. And I’ll definitely check out Seth Godin. I think Adam read Tribes – I’ll see if we have it around the house somewhere. Thanks for your support – I love hearing about stories like yours too – as they fill me with hope that I’ll make my stuff work as well. So happy for you! I hope Kate’s doing well with her stuff! We’ll have to catch up soon. If you’re serious about the book, I’ll email you my address. Thanks so much!!!

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