A Little Perspective…

My sky is blue

I often wonder how much to share on my blog.  I enjoy telling you all the good stuff, but should I share the bad stuff too?  Should I share my vulnerabilities and my insecurities?  Should I write about every new career idea that pops into my head?  What if I lose interest in a week?  I already tend to judge myself for this… it’s scary to open myself up to judgement from others.  But every time I consider all this, I end up leaning towards sharing it all – the good and bad.  I mean, hey… what’s the point in letting everyone in if I’m not really being honest?  I guess for me, the whole point of this blogging thing is to be open – to start a dialogue, to share stories and to connect with people.

This morning I woke up and read today’s blog post by my friend and one of the lead actors in Hello Lonesome – the talented, Miss Sabrina Lloyd.  I felt like her post, titled “The Problems of the Privileged” was speaking directly to me.  I mean, here I am, worrying/stressing about finding my purpose while I’m living this ultra sweet, comfortable and blessed life.  Most people have so many more pressing things to worry about (health, food, drinking water, shelter).  My life is pretty much cake.  So yes, even though I share my feelings openly and honestly with you, I want you to know how ridiculously grateful I am every day and how much I appreciate all the gifts that I have.  And I think that’s what I’m really searching for with this career thing… a meaningful way to use my skills, talents and passions to give back.

Anyway, I encourage you to read Sabrina’s blog Red Dirt Lattes.  She’s a wonderful writer and often touches me with her stories of Rome (where she’s currently living), Uganda (where she lived for two years prior to Rome), motherhood (she and her husband adopted a beautiful little girl from Uganda) and much more.


5 thoughts on “A Little Perspective…

  1. I totally relate to what you say about sharing and about our problems (compared to others).
    Every one has their complains. I complain because I cannot travel as often as I´d like and there is somebody that complains that cannot eat as often as he´d like and then there is somebody that complains that cannot buy a second private jet as he´d like. Three different levels and all of them very valid. Of course, you feel sorry because there is somebody that cannot eat, and the person without a second private jet surely feels sorry because I cannot travel often. But thing is we were born in a given family and from that point on we grow and form our own set of values. We have food on our plates so we can worry about education. Had we been born in poverty, our concern would be different. But we shouldn´t feel guilty about that because we are not responsible of the inequity of this world. We do our best to make things better, and that´s what we can do. And we do no harm.

  2. It’s good to know that others feel the same as we do. In that vein, you should always be true to your heart. If you feel like you need to put it out there, then there’s is someone that needs to hear it. Always shine a light, no matter what color. It’s not our job to judge each other. It’s our job to love each other. So, say what’s in your heart and never be afraid.

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