Opening Weekend – Winding Down

Well – it’s now Memorial day – Hello Lonesome has been playing in the theater for four days and we’re zonked (in the best of ways).  Opening night on Friday was a blast with lots of friends, family & fans turning out for the show. Many of the cast and crew were there as well – here is a photo outside the theater.

Hello Lonesome Cast (minus Sabrina Lloyd, James Urbaniak & Cathy Trien)

From left to right: Nate Smith (Gordon), Dave Williams (Dean), Lynn Cohen (Eleanor), Adam, Kamel Boutros (Omar) and Harry Chase (Bill Soap).

And some more from the evening:

Adam and Nate Smith

Adam and Lynn Cohen

Julia Reisen (Key Set PA), Adam, Chris Trudeau (Lighting Designer)

Brette Goldstein (Casting Director - with the mic) cracking everyone up during the Q&A

Fam & friends…

Dad, Mom, Pam & Robb

Party Peeps. xo

It was a really exciting night and thank you so much to everyone who came out to share it with us.  Also – to everyone who came out over the weekend (and who are coming this week!)  Unfortunately the weather has been quite lovely (we were hoping for rain, hail – anything to get people inside the theater over Memorial Day weekend) – but the buzz has been great and it’s been an adventure (as always).

On another note – we may have just found our dream apartment… but we won’t know for sure until tomorrow night – so I’m not saying another word about it until it’s official!!


2 thoughts on “Opening Weekend – Winding Down

  1. Looks like everything was great and so much fun. Sorry we couldn’t be there this weekend but looking forward to going this week!

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