Photo of the day… “Clementine”


It’s 92 degrees outside today.  Wow.  No wonder I don’t feel like moving.  Oh yeah… I also did a killer yoga class yesterday and my entire body is hurting… but that’s a good thing.  Yoga makes me feel strong.

Anyway, I’m going to go brave the ridiculous heat and take a trip to Fort Greene and wander around the neighborhood with my camera for a bit before meeting some friends for dinner.  We’re going to eat at Habana Outpost – owned by the same people who own Cafe Habana in Soho (this is where I first tasted and fell madly in love with CHILAQUILES).  I’m quite excited to start sampling the Fort Greene restaurant scene.

Oh, and I’m doing a little research for a potential project so maybe you all can help me out.  Out of curiosity, what’s a subject you’d like to learn about or a craft you’d like to try out?  Like anything whatsoever – however random the topic?  Here are a few of my ideas:

  • Flower arranging
  • Improving my memory
  • Recipes for satisfying vegetarian meals
  • Perfume making and what scents work with my body chemistry
Thanks for ideas!
Stay cool!



6 thoughts on “Photo of the day… “Clementine”

  1. I’ve given a lot of thought the last few years about the most effective ways to be charitable, whether or not you’re in a position to give time or money. Sometimes giving money – particularly to a charity that has massive overhead – is not very effective. So researching charities, or developing your own, is interesting to me. I’m an animal person, so it’s easier and more motivating for me to be involved in groups caring for cats, dogs, etc.

    By the way, I work for the company that owns the Varsity Theatre in Ashland, and just stumbled across your blog. Love it! I’m so happy you enjoyed the festival and the town this year. We love being a part of the festival. We’re having a benefit for them tomorrow with the opening of “Hood to Coast”.

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