Brooklyn Boys, Photo Gear and Kicking Fear in the Butt!

Hi everyone!  Sorry for my absence over the last week.  As always – lots of fun stuff going on.  We took off for the Poconos last Friday for our annual Brooklyn Boys summertime reunion.  For those who don’t already know about the Brooklyn Boys, my dad grew up with this bunch of guys in Brooklyn, NY and most of them have known each other since elementary school.  We get together with all of them as well as their wives, children and children’s children, two or three times a year.  We’ve been doing it since before I was born.  We always go to a big resort-type place somewhere between Maryland and Massachusetts (typically in PA or NJ) and we spend an entire weekend eating together, playing together and visiting!  Here is a photo of the entire group this year (minus a few who were not able to make it) in our matching “Brooklyn Boys 2011” T-shirts.

Brooklyn Boys & Fams

This week was also my dad’s sixty-fifth birthday as well as my parents’ forty-first anniversary… not to mention Father’s Day this weekend.  June is a busy month!

Speaking of anniversaries… I’ve been hired to photograph a fiftieth anniversary party tomorrow night!  I got the job through a friend who recommended me.  I’m totally psyched (and a tiny bit nervous) – but mostly psyched!  I paid B&H a visit on Tuesday and finally bought myself an external flash – a Canon 580 ex II.  It’s awesome.  Just like all photography gear – it wasn’t cheap – but I’m looking at is as an investment in myself as a photographer.  Now I feel like a total pro.  And as with most things… I feel like more confidence (and the right gear) = better performance.

I’m also re-reading a book my mom gave me ages ago called Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  Anyone ever read that book?  The main point is that as long as you’re learning and growing and trying new things, you’re always going to experience fear – it’s human.  So the important thing is to expect the fear (because everyone has it), accept the fear (don’t let it scare you away) and make the choice to power through it.  As you keep ‘feeling the fear and doing it anyway’, you’ll gain confidence and feel less fear… until you try something totally new again. It’s a productive read… a good kick in the butt.

Meanwhile, I stumbled upon a great website this week called Creative Edge, where for a not-so-steep monthly fee you get unlimited access to thousands of books, videos and tutorials covering all kinds of creative topics.  Right now I’m learning a ton from this book called “Speedliter’s Handbook: Learning to Craft Light with Canon Speedlites“.  If you’re a learning/book addict like I am – it’s a very good resource.

Now – I’m off to see Super 8!  Will let you know how it is tomorrow!


3 thoughts on “Brooklyn Boys, Photo Gear and Kicking Fear in the Butt!

  1. I’m jealous of the Brooklyn Boys gatherings every year. I wish I had that growing up. It’s very special. Good luck on the shoot! I’m sure you’ll do great. I want to attack fear head on!

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