Glorious Light

Thank you all for your loving and supportive comments on yesterday’s post. It’s been a rough couple days but writing and sharing about Shana and connecting with old friends has made it a little more bearable. As always, your support means a lot to me.

To lift the mood a bit I figured I’d share with you some beautiful light-filled photography from the past week.

Here is one of my favorite pictures from the pillow photo shoot I did with Amie in the garden:


Doesn’t it have such a magical feel?  God I love lens flare.

I took this using a 10mm-22mm wide-angle lens and then I cropped it and enhanced the blacks a bit using Lightroom.

And here are some pictures from the Fourth of July:

The sunset Monday night was pretty out of control.  I would take a picture of the gorgeous sky and then go sit down and then two seconds later it would be even MORE gorgeous so I’d get up and take another picture and so on.  It was one of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen.  A nice sendoff for us as this was one of the last evenings we’ll spend on our roof in the East Village before we move to Brooklyn.

Exquisite right?  It was like a watercolor painting with the most intense color!

And finally – a few of my favorite fireworks shots.  Our view was less than stellar this year (they used to be practically right over our heads before the city moved them to the Hudson River) – but I still got some fun shots.  This first one is my favorite.  It’s a very whimsical firework right?  And I like how the Empire State Building is in the background in red white and blue.

Next Wednesday we move so our apartment is filled with boxes and I’m beginning to get a bit sad to leave this cute little one bedroom.  We’ve made a lot of memories here.  But alas – change is exciting and we’re moving on to bigger and better things.  It’s a packing extravaganza for us all weekend – so I’ll catch you next week.  xo




15 thoughts on “Glorious Light

  1. I LOVE these shots! Do I recognize the garden and the chair from one of your 365 photos? And the sunset and fireworks shots are fabulous — what a great memory to take with you to Brooklyn! We were in Southampton for the Fourth of July and the sunset was ridiculous there too — I took about 40 photos with my iphone because the colors kept changing. So great. Good luck with the move!

  2. I wanna be the pillow to be touched by this divine light… simply magical.

    Thanks Nell for this gifts to our eyes.


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