A Moving Poem

Our Living Room

I cannot write too much today because I am still packing.

I can’t believe how much we have; in stuff we are not lacking.

The boxes in our living room – they won’t stop multiplying.

I think we’re now past forty-five; I swear I am not lying.

But hey, I think the end’s in sight – I’m happy to declare;

The bathroom’s done, the kitchen’s near, the bedroom’s getting there.

In forty hours give or take the movers will be here.

They’ll load our stuff;  we’ll say goodbye – I might just shed a tear.

It’s been five years since I arrived here at two-fifty-two.

Twenty-seven, post-breakup and feeling rather blue.

How things have changed!  I’ve left my job and now I have a spouse! 

The next adventure -Fort Greene, Brooklyn – to our very own firehouse! 

That was a creative break.  Back to packing in progress…  xoxo



2 thoughts on “A Moving Poem

  1. Your packing’s done, your “move” is here,
    You know you can not stay…
    Such change you’ve had in these few years…
    You two are on your way!

    Ft. Greene inspires! (Your digs are cool…)
    You now have room to grow.
    Our wish for you: the BEST will do!
    (But this, you HAD to know!)

    Love to you ~
    H,B & E

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