Tuesday’s Ramblings…

Good morning everyone.  I must be brief today as I’m running off to the nursing home for art class (I volunteer there on Tuesday mornings). I’m heading over today with a backpack of supplies as later this evening we’re recording a live movie commentary, which will be featured on the Hello Lonesome DVD (being released in the somewhat near future – stay tuned).  Anyway, there is a great scene in the film where two of the characters share a bubbly pot of cheese fondue, so of course, we’re fonduing it up tonight with some of the film’s stars as they watch the movie and chat about the experience!  We don’t need much of an excuse to make a pot of fondue around here.  So obviously, I’m in charge of fondue supplies.  I’ll bring my camera too and post pictures at some point this week.

Meanwhile, I had an ultrasound last week and for the first time, I could see our little baby kicking on the screen and I could feel him kicking simultaneously!  It was WILD!  For a few weeks there I kept wondering… “am I feeling it?  am I feeling it?”.  Now there is no question.  This little boy is kicking up a storm.  I’ve grown quite fond of the feeling.  It’s like he’s reminding me that he’s in there.  He’s saying hi.  I like it. 🙂  So far I’m really enjoying being pregnant.  I still feel pretty good.  I have almost as much energy as I had pre-pregnancy (although when I overdo it… I need a couple days to recover).  And everyone is so nice to me all the time!  I actually had a couple people get up and offer me seats on the subway recently.  I guess the bump is really starting to show!

Ok – so now I’m running late and have to go.  I’ll leave you with one more thing…

Here is a funny picture I took while walking around and exploring the neighborhood.  This little guy has such personality right?

Guard Puppy

And speaking of the neighborhood, my friend Yvonne shared with me this awesome NY Times article about our street in Fort Greene.  This gives you a good feel for where we live.

Ok – I’m out!  Enjoy your day.


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