Shouldn’t we all wear flowers in our hair?

Wow – today is such a dreary, cold, wet day.  I am dragging!  Meanwhile, I totally forgot to bring my camera for our Hello Lonesome fondue/commentary session the other night.  Oops.  So no pictures from the other night – but man, the actors in Hello Lonesome are really fun and cool.  And the DVD commentary is sure to be entertaining.  And of course, the fondue was a hit.  Shout out to Harry Chase, Nate Smith and the darling, adorable and totally lovely Lynn Cohen (I’m slightly obsessed with Lynn… she’s just too cute).   You know, she often wears a real flower in her hair and when I pointed it out on Tuesday, she replied something to the effect of … “I am so lucky and happy… why wouldn’t I wear a flower in my hair?”  I like that mentality.  In that case, I feel like I should be wearing a flower in my hair too.  Maybe I’ll start.

Speaking of starting things… I was out to dinner with some friends last week and said friend (Anna) mentioned a yearly exercise she engages in for her birthday.  Each year, she comes up with a list of things she wants to do/accomplish by her next birthday.  The number of items on her list corresponds with her age.  For example – for her thirty-second birthday, she came up with thirty-two things she wants to do by the time she turns thirty-three.  I love that!  I asked her if she usually completes everything on her list each year.  She said no way!  It is imperative that you put some things on your list that are really difficult to achieve… things to strive for.  Of course, you also put some easy things – a nice mix of both.  By the end of the year, if you have not completed everything on your list (which you probably haven’t), you go through the list of unfinished things and determine if they still mean something to you… if you still have a desire to do them.  If you still care – then throw those remaining items onto next year’s list. Oh – and she carries that list around with her everyday.   Isn’t that great?  I’m definitely going to do that for my upcoming birthday.  It’s a fun way to determine who you want to be for that next year of your life… what you want to spend your time doing.  A roadmap navigating you toward your next birthday.

Thanks to Anna for sharing this inspiring idea.

Now – for a little photo love.

Here is a photo I took when we were in Port Townsend, WA for the Port Townsend Film Festival.  A wonderfully sweet woman named Sandy put us up for three nights in her amazing Victorian home (circa 1800 – something) during the festival.  I took this picture in the bathroom that was off our room.  The textured window pane with the light shining through filled me with joy every morning (as I sat on the toilet) so I wanted to capture it and share it with you.


Windowsill Whimsy


3 thoughts on “Shouldn’t we all wear flowers in our hair?

  1. Nell – love the lovely picture and inspiration to wear a flower in one’s hair!
    I’m 6 weeks post birthday this year … think that’s within span of making that list, still! and my sis’ birthday is today so I will share the inspiration! Please keep it coming!

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