Handmade Awesomeness

Before I start talking about handmade awesomeness, I want to share my teabag wisdom of the day with you:

From my Yogi Tea Woman’s Mother To Be teabag:

Inspiring others towards happiness brings you happiness

Yes, Yogi Teabag… that is so true.  That is why I’ve thought of becoming a life coach, or a matchmaker, a mother – a BLOGGER!!  That is why I volunteer at the nursing home.  That is why I love taking care of my husband and encouraging him and his amazing film career!  That is why I wanted to be a waitress and a cheerleader when I was a little girl.  I love helping others find their happiness and when I do that, I feel most personally rewarded in my own life.  I’m hanging on to this teabag bit of wisdom – it’s going on my inspiration board (when I actually get around to making one) and I’m going to keep that as a focus as I continue to work towards becoming my truest self and eventually finding a career that matters to me.

Now… onto handmade awesomeness.  This post is a dedication to people who make cool stuff.  Lately, I have been so impressed by friends and strangers who have an incredible talent for making things!  I’ll start with my baby shower – because I got a few handmade gifts that really blew me away.

Emily’s Handmade Quilt:

Emily's Handmade Quilt

Emily's Handmade Quilt (showing reverse)

Emily is one of the “Stockers”.  When she and Brett (her husband) came to Brooklyn for our “Laughing Stock” celebration, she brought along this beautiful quilt she made by hand for our baby-to-be.  Emily amazes me.  She is a doctor and has traveled around the world, working for the World Health Organization speaking about and researching reproductive health.  Then – in her spare time, she sews her own clothes (as well as clothes for us), knits and does all sorts of other crafty things.  I thought this quilt was AMAZING!  She searched flea markets in LA to find cool vintage sheets to make the design.  Then she finished the quilt on the plane ride over.  Awesome.

Next Up…

Marlene’s Hand-Knit Sweater & Blanket for Baby:

Marlene's Hand-Knit Hooded Sweater

Marlene's Hand-Knit Baby Blanket

Marlene is one of the “Brooklyn Boys” crew – a wife of a Brooklyn Boy – thus a long-time family friend.  She surprised me at my shower with this gorgeous hand-knit sweater and blanket that she made for our future little man.  First – they feel like heaven.  They are soft and luxurious and will be kind to the baby’s sweet sensitive baby skin.  But besides that… I mean – that sweater?  It’s so adorable.  I totally want one in my size.  Adam was jealous.  I love the hood and the pom pom!  So amazing.  Marlene does such beautiful work and how special… we will have these things forever.  Oh – and they ‘re safe for the washer and dryer.  Does it get any better than that?

Next Up…

Beck’s “Nell’s Kitchen” sign:

Beck's Handmade "Nell's Kitchen" Sign

So back in November, I wrote a blog post titled “Nell’s Kitchen” and I ended that post dreaming of one day, having a “Nell’s Kitchen” sign hanging in my kitchen.  Well – skip ahead to a few weeks ago, when my friend Beck presented me with this amazing handmade gift.  I instantly started crying (typical for emotional pregnant me these days).  But really – how thoughtful.  I couldn’t believe she picked up on that in my post and then took the time to actually make me this adorable sign to hang up in our apartment.  I was overcome.  Beck is a total artist – she is the one who does the amazing stop motion work I have featured previously on the blog.  To her, everything is a potential art project!  It’s funny… the other day I told her I had to stop and buy wrapping paper… of course, she was like, “Buy wrapping paper?!  We should make some!!”  That is so her.


Director’s Coasters from Retro Whale on Etsy:

So, I think around two years ago for Adam’s birthday, our friend Beth gifted Adam with these amazing handmade Directors coasters she found on Etsy.


Directors Coasters from Retro Whale on Etsy

I thought it was the most adorable gift, so I ended up buying him another set.  Then, this year, for Adam’s birthday, my father approached me with an idea for Adam.  He wanted to contact this girl on Etsy and ask her to make a director coaster of Adam!  I thought it was brilliant (and just about the sweetest most thoughtful thing ever).  So I reached out to Kelly of the Retro Whale shop on Etsy and asked her if she does custom coasters.  And voila!  She does!  And after we sent her a few pictures of Adam, she had a coaster drawn up within a day or two and the coaster mailed out to me within another couple days.  Adam was blown away by this personalized amazing gift… and dad – I love you more than ever before for thinking of it.

Here’s the “Adam” Coaster:

The "Adam" Director Coaster

And here’s the photo she worked from:

Pretty awesome right??  So… if anyone’s interested in ordering a custom-made “Adam” coaster, it just might become a collector’s item someday when he becomes a famous director (wink wink – fingers and toes crossed).

Anyway, cheers to all you amazingly talented people out there who make awesome stuff by hand!  Now – I’m off to a prenatal massage because I’m currently waddling around like a gimpy old grandma with a terrible pain in my right BUTT cheek!!  Welcome to month eight of pregnancy!!

Have a great day everyone!



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