Blog Spotlight: Florence & Millie

So – as I’ve been delving deeper into this blogging universe, one of my goals has become to seek out other blogs and get inspired by other bloggers who are out there – doing their thing.  A couple weeks ago, I came across this blog called Florence & Millie on Freshly Pressed (WordPress’s page of featured bloggers – hope to be on that someday).  I found this blog to be beautiful, whimsical, and totally inspiring and have since looked forward to every post.  Thus – I’d like to introduce you to it as well.

So I give you – Florence & Millie:

Florence & Millie is a collaboration between two twenty-something friends/photographers/artists named Paige and Rebecca, who live in Savannah, GA.  PS – I’m dying to go to Savannah someday!  It is high up on my list of US destinations I’m itching to visit.  Meanwhile, the blog was born as a dedication to both Paige and Rebecca’s grandmothers, Florence and Millie.  Sweet.  Mostly, Florence & Millie highlights the work of artists that inspire the blog’s creators.  And we must be kindred spirits of some sort where inspiration comes in – because nearly every artist they feature, I totally dig.  Everything has a sense of whimsy and magic to it – along with a DIY spirit and a vintage aesthetic.

Here are a few of my favorite artists they’ve highlighted since I’ve started reading.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Food Photographer: Charlotte Tolhurst

Charlotte Tolhurst is a food photographer who got her start in Sydney, Australia and now lives in England.  I think her photography is gorgeous and her love of food is evident.  Check out the images of her studio, where she uses mostly natural light.  Beautiful right??  She inspires me to one day marry my passion for food with my love of photography (definitely on my list of career options for the future). 🙂

Here are some of her photos:

Photo by Charlotte Tolhurst

Photo by Charlotte Tolhurst

Photo by Charlotte Tolhurst

Tattoo Artist: Amanda Wachob

I’m not super into tattoos or anything, but I think Amanda’s work is so unique that I was moved by her.  In her bio, she states:

It is my intention to expand the boundaries of the tattoo medium.  In the past, tattooing has been looked upon as a trade or craft.  I am re-imagining its potential as a fine art form.  In the same way that a brush can paint the interior of a house or render a fine oil painting, I see the tattoo machine as a tool that can make art.

Here are some photos of her tattoos:

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

Tattoos by Amanda Wachob

Illustrator/Designer: Justin Mezzell

Illustration work by Justin Mezzell

Justin Mezzell is a designer and illustrator based in Orlando, FL.  He has this vintage vibe going on that I really gravitate to.  Check out some of his work:

Illustration by Justin Mezzell

Illustration by Justin Mezzell

Illustration by Justin Mezzell

Illustration by Justin Mezzell

Illustration by Justin Mezzell

And finally…

Design/Graphics/Animation Studio: N9ve

Based in Turin, Italy – these guys define their work in their own words:

We are not just a studio, we are story tellers! We always try to combine the best narrative and visual solutions to create engaging works, that speak for their selves!

Here are two alphabet/font-inspired videos that were posted on Florence & Millie this week.  I love them both.  Now that I know a little about animation from Adam and my friend Beck, I have much more of an appreciation for this type of work – and I can even visualize the process behind it more.  I think it’s fascinating and beautiful!  And I love the music. 🙂

So there’s lots of inspiration for you for a Monday morning!  A big thanks to the blog Florence & Millie (be sure to visit them) for exposing me to all these wonderful and unique artists.  Looking through their work and learning about their process is a kind of fuel for me.  Paige and Rebecca at Florence & Millie are such talented curators – I will be sure to continue to follow their blog to see what else is floating their boats in the future.

Have a great day all!



2 thoughts on “Blog Spotlight: Florence & Millie

    • Thanks so much – glad you enjoyed. And thanks for visiting! You should start following Florence & Millie too… you must have the same aesthetic if you appreciate all these artists too. 🙂 Looking forward to checking out your blog.

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