I cried twice yesterday…

That’s right… these pregnancy hormones are in full effect.  My first cry yesterday occured as I was walking home from a trip to the ATM (no – this crying had nothing to do with all the money I’ve been spending on baby stuff – though if I really think about it, that will probably make me cry too!).  I was walking up Dekalb and I passed this little baby in a stroller.  And I started thinking to myself…  “wow… this is coming soon”.  And I pictured my little baby boy and I imagined a scene where I had him on my lap and I was talking to him saying, “It’s you.  You’re finally here.  We’ve been waiting so long to meet you”.  And all of a sudden – waterworks.  In public – walking down the street, tears streaming down my face.  Yup.

My second cry of the day happened a little later.  I was so excited because all my furniture was scheduled to arrive yesterday between 11:30 and 2:30 (I’ve been waiting MONTHS).  As I anxiously anticipated my furniture’s arrival, I washed all our new bedding so that I could make up the crib as soon as it came!  Meanwhile, the furniture didn’t come until after four.  Everything was beautiful and in great shape (thank goodness).  But as I started to make up the crib, the sheet didn’t really fit on the mattress.  It was too small.  I don’t know if it shrunk in the wash or what – but that thing just wouldn’t fit right!  I also didn’t really like the way the furniture was arranged and I was having trouble visualizing what to do with it.  I had promised Adam I wouldn’t move around the furniture by myself (I’ve been known to do dumb things that he gets mad at me for… like climbing up ladders and trying to fix things at nine months pregnant)… so I’m on lockdown.  Anyway – between the sheet not fitting and the furniture not looking the way I imagined, naturally, I did what any rational person would do.  I called my mommy and started crying.  🙂

And that’s not all.   My parents came to visit this past weekend and when they left on Sunday, we realized that the next time we see each other, I’ll either be in the throws of labor or I’ll be a mother.  That thought did it to me as well.  As they were walking out the door to drive back to Massachusetts, waterworks again.  Adam walked them down to their car and by the time he came back upstairs, I was in a full bawl.

I swear I’m not sad at all.  I couldn’t be happier.  It’s just all so big – you know?  I think I’m just overwhelmed by the enormity of what’s about to happen.  Having a baby is something I’ve looked forward to and anticipated my entire life – and now we’re only a month away.  And once he comes, nothing will ever be the same.  I’m getting prickles in my eyes again just writing about it now.

Meanwhile, here’s a photo (iphone photo) – so you can see the baby’s little nursery area.  I’m still waiting on our cream shag rug, which should be here in a week or two.   And I actually just ordered a different bedding set.  This one just wasn’t doing it for me!


I’ve ordered this one instead – from Rickshaw Design:

Bombay Bedding by Rickshaw Designs

This one just looks more Anthropologie-esque (my fave)… and goes better with the overall aesthetic of our apartment I think.  With the apartment being one big studio loft space, everything sort of has to jive with everything else – you know?  I’m just digging this feel a bit more.  It’ll also go so nicely with our blue glider and the creamy shag rug.  I’m happy.  🙂

I also ordered this changing pad cover by Oilo:

Changing Pad Cover - Oilo Cobalt

Now we just have to see if the tree wall decal goes with the new look… hmmmmm.  We’ll dive into that this weekend.

That’s all for today.  Hope you all have a happy Thursday!





6 thoughts on “I cried twice yesterday…

  1. Love it all!

    Thanks for showing it off:))

    Ok ….So I was crying with you …again:))

    I really love the new motif for the crib bedding….

    Chair looks beautiful, as does everything!


  2. Those darn hormones! Your right that everything will be completely different after your little one is born but what I have found is that I can’t remember why I thought what I was doing before was so important. Good luck with getting everything ready it sounds like you are doing a great job!

  3. Your life really will never be the same. You’ll wonder what you did all those years without him. I can’t believe my little boy is going to by 5 this year. Ahhh! I remember waiting so patiently (like you have a choice?) those last few weeks wondering what he will look like, what you will say to him, sing to him…. OH I’m so excited for you. Rub his little bum for me. Talk soon – love!

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