Say Hello To Our Little Rockstar

As I’m sure you might have guessed, due to my lack of blogging over the last two weeks, our little baby boy has arrived and we are in the midst of a crash course on how to parent a newborn!  He’s a precious little thing (ridiculously adorable – I’m not biased right??) with a pretty calm demeanor (most of the time).  I’m learning quickly though, to just take things hour by hour (sometimes minute by minute), because the trend is – once I think I have it all figured out, shit hits the fan and I feel totally clueless.  But I hear that’s the way it is in the first few weeks!

Anyway, 11 days in, we’re feeling pretty good… we are getting some sleep and trying to get our breast feeding down (been a little precarious – but improving each day) and my emotions are starting to level off a bit.  I’m also feeling much better physically (felt like I was hit by a bus for a few days post delivery) – now getting outside and going for short walks has been a total blessing for the mind and spirit.

Meanwhile, without further ado, here is a picture of our little man:

Theodore Harry Reid (Theo):   Check out that hair!!  I mean… what a little peanut – right?

Our little rockstar - Theo at 6 days old

Theo was born a St. Patrick’s baby – at 1:15 am on Saturday March 17th (his due date… he’s very punctual).  He weighed 7lbs 14 oz. and was 21 inches in length.  The labor and delivery was honestly way more intense than I ever imagined, though I made it through as intended… no epidural, no c-section.  We had some slight complications – my water broke at 2am on the 16th and then labor wasn’t progressing very quickly.  We went to my OB for an exam at 2pm and though I was 5cm dilated, Theo was “sunny side up” (facing the wrong direction), so we went back home to labor for more hours in an effort to get him to turn around.

Thank god for my incredible, amazing, angel of a doula – Megan.  She rocked my world and I don’t know if Adam or I would have made it without her calm, competent presence.  Megan made me do all these exercises over the course of about four hours and then my labor picked up so we went to the hospital at 7pm.  When I arrived, I was 7cm dilated and he had flipped and was facing the right direction.  I continued to labor until around 11pm, at which point I was finally 10cm and started to push.  2+ hours later and lots and lots of crazy pushing, our man finally arrived, with this fabulous head of hair!

Anyway, must keep it short right now, as he’s sitting on my chest in my Moby wrap sleeping – and he’s starting to stir.  I will definitely take more pictures and return to the blogging world once we situate a bit more.  Adam is going back to work next week (I’m a little nervous!) – but I am looking forward to lots of long walks with the stroller, lunches with my other new mommy friends in the neighborhood and blogging while Theo naps.  It’ll be nice to get on a routine!

I’ll leave you with this adorable little video of him waking up in the hospital.  (PS – hated the hospital – but that’s for another blog post).


8 thoughts on “Say Hello To Our Little Rockstar

  1. Congratulations! Oh my gosh, he looks just like Adam, and he’s absolutely gorgeous! Theo, I mean, not Adam… oh wait, Adam you’re gorgeous too!
    Anyway, the grand adventure has begun, and I hope you enjoy every second of it – you’re going to be great parents!
    love, Penny Blewett
    p.s. never underestimate the power of swaddling…

  2. Fantastic post. Theo reminds me of how wonderful and precious life can be. He’s beautiful; you guys are a beautiful family! Look forward to getting to know him. With much love, Barry

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