Blogging One-Handed From My iPhone?

Hello long lost friends!  Man… this motherhood thing is quite time-consuming!  Our little bundle of joy (and boundless energy), doesn’t like to take naps during the day unless he is attached to me in a carrier and I am walking at a brisk pace (or bouncing endlessly).  Good for losing my baby weight (13 lbs to go!), bad for blogging and getting things done around the house.  Boo!  I’m hoping as Theo puts on a little more weight and gets past the three month mark, he might calm down a tad and start giving me some more down time.

I started this post one-handed from my iphone while I was nursing… I didn’t get very far and I’m resuming it two days later from the actual computer.  I’ve since discovered that if we let Theo nap on his tummy, he will sleep in his crib for a short time.  I’m breaking the rules and allowing the tummy for naps… my new motto… SCREW THE RULES.  WHATEVER WORKS!  Meanwhile, I decided to keep the title of the original post, even though I’m now typing at the computer.  Because I just have to say – the iPhone has saved my life!  I seriously get EVERYTHING done one-handed from my iPhone while Theo is nursing.  I order groceries on Fresh Direct, I order baby supplies on, I catch up on reading with my Kindle app.  I take pictures and videos (my real camera is too heavy and is not as accessible to capture cute Theo moments).   I catch up on phone calls (yay speakerphone), I google everything having to do with babies…

  • “10 weeks old and won’t nap”
  • “napping on tummy and SIDS”
  • “why does baby keep pulling at my nipple?”
  • “how to get a deep latch”
  • “how many ounces should I be pumping?”
  • “8 weeks old and super fussy”

You get the idea.

I told Adam we should put together a spec spot for an iPhone commercial and send it to Apple.  New mom’s everywhere would switch over immediately.

So anyway… Theo is just about the cutest little thing in the world – see for yourself:

Thinking Theo

He was ten weeks old on Saturday and he is getting cuter by the day.  His hair is straight in this photo here, but with the humidity, it’s been all curly and adorable (just like his dad’s hair).

Theo & Daddy – The Curly Boys

He’s been spending much more time alert and happy – and he’s been smiling up a storm.  His infant-stim mobile and his Rainforest bouncy chair bring the most smiles… and of course, his mommy and daddy.

Here are a few of my favorite iPhone photos thus far… I have to organize all my pictures and of course, do a real photo shoot with the good lenses – but in the meantime, the iphone photos will do!

Theo lounging in his bouncy chair

Theo – all smiles!

Hipster Theo – The Game show Host

I have so much more to say! But I better wrap this up for now as I’m starting to hear him stir and I want to get this out!  Basically, I’ll leave you with this…  having a newborn has been much more challenging than I thought it would be (just like labor and delivery).  Though Theo totally rules and is the cutest thing ever, he is definitely not the easiest of babies.  He likes to be constantly on the move and he seems to have a pretty strong will.  I’m hoping that means he will be really intelligent and interesting. 🙂  Breastfeeding was super tough in the beginning and it still has its moments but we’re sort of getting that down at this point.  The biggest help for me through all this (besides my iPhone), has been having a network of other new moms (the same group I got together with during pregnancy).  We all have our babies now and it is life-saving having other people to visit with/walk with/breastfeed with/cry with/etc.  This time home would have been so much tougher if I wasn’t getting out every day and socializing with other women who are going through the same thing!

Ok – I’ll be back when I can – I promise!  I miss our chats. 🙂



6 thoughts on “Blogging One-Handed From My iPhone?

  1. Love the update Nell. LOVE the photos!!! So wonderful to hear that you have a circle of new Mama friends. I can’t wait to visit and give you all big hugs and kisses. He’s too adorable!!! XO

  2. He is really cute and has the most amazing eyes!!!
    I guess he got used to you having a very active life when he hadn`t been born yet and now he wants to do it with you and see everything with his own eyes!!

  3. So good to hear your thoughts! He is the cutest baby ever and I’m glad you have other new moms to share, vent, laugh and cry with. It will help immensely. Keep posting! xoxo

  4. Love it! He is adorable. I love curly hair, had really hoped my kids would inherit it from my Dad’s side of the family but alas no. The internet is so great for searching about anything and everything baby and beyond. Having a good group of people (adults) to talk to and get together with is such a great help it is nice to hear that it is helpful for you.

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