Springtime at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Back in April we had the pleasure of my parents coming to stay with us for an entire week.  Theo was only six weeks old and Adam and I were both exhausted!  Mom and dad to the rescue!  They woke up with us in the middle of the night and would rock Theo back to sleep so we could go back to bed.  They would drive aimlessly through Brooklyn so Theo would take a nap in the car.  They did our dishes, folded our laundry, straightened our apartment.  They were pretty much superheroes.  The second they walked out the door to head back to Massachusetts, I burst into tears.

Meanwhile, at that time, Theo was still pretty good at taking naps in his stroller (these days, the stroller only works part of the time – he much prefers being carried by me in the Beco while he naps… my back is loving me.)  So one afternoon while mom and dad were in town, we took a ride over to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.  My parents had never been and it was prime cherry blossom time, which only happens for a couple weeks out of the year.  Theo slept like a champ in the stroller while we walked around the gardens.  And since my parents were there to focus on him – I was able to cart along my camera and my macro lens for some flower photography.  It felt so good.  I miss taking pictures!

Anyway – here are a few of my favorites from that day:

Enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend everyone!

PS – Theo is sleeping on my chest while I stand at the kitchen counter typing this out.  I think I’ve created a monster!  Oye vey.



3 thoughts on “Springtime at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

  1. Nell,

    Whatever helps him sleep is what you need to do. it helps you too. He will soon grow out of that phase too. He loves being near his Mommy. So enjoy it!!!!!

  2. Love the Bleeeding Hearts! And aren’t parents the best?! Hopefully they will make this a regular thing. Enjoy! BTW….loved that photo of Adam and Theo on the subway! much love….jane

  3. Nice to see your out with the camera again, Nell. I agree with Jane; the bleeding hearts photo is excellent. Good luck with Theo; while your back may be sore, you can take comfort in knowing that he’s ridiculously adorable.

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