It’s 4:21 am and I’m not sleeping

I just nursed Theo and I’m having trouble getting back to sleep. I’m brainstorming about all the blog posts I want to get out about the last four months!

So, I’ll start with this one…

Please stay tuned and check back with me in the next week or so. I miss blogging so much and I’m going to make it a priority to get back to it. My goal is at least one post a week. I’ve got a babysitter lined up now to watch Theo for a few hours a week, so if I prioritize and ignore all the other things that need doing (laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, cleaning, blah, blah), I should be able to make this happen.

Here’s a taste of some potential posts in the making:

My Life as a Mother – Phase 1: “The Shit Storm”
Birth, Recovery, Breast Feeding and the “Fourth Trimester”

My Life as a Mother – Phase 2: “It’s Getting Better… Thank God”
I’m Finally Obsessed With My Son

The Ultimate Sacrifice (you’ll never believe this one!!)

So come back and visit soon. Oh.., and of course there will be pictures!!


4 thoughts on “It’s 4:21 am and I’m not sleeping

  1. I promise as a father of two it does get easier, I’m not sure if better is the the right term as there are always new challenges, but you will become more adaptable and better at surviving on not enough sleep.

    hang in there

  2. I’ve missed your posts! I thought of you last week and it reminded me that my ‘personal’ life suddenly stopped when I had my son. Totally absorbed with the baby, the ridiculous amount of laundry, the obsession with having the house spotless and then planning dinner for Mr. Big when he comes home…. You have to re-invent your life but it’s so worth it. Enjoy! Tip..try to sleep when the baby sleeps and order in a lot:)

  3. Aww, hang in there. Everyone told me that it gets better, and although I’m not quite certain that is the case, since every phase has its challenges (hold on to your rocker for teething! walking! defiant toddlerhood!), you adapt and before you know it, life is okay. I’m still trying to find my groove after #2 and right now I’m feeling like I got rolled over by a street cleaner.

    I’m just a short trip away in Brooklyn Heights if you ever want to meet up for coffee/drink.


  4. It’s becoming hard to fall asleep for me too. The average routine you complete throughout the week will end up becoming a habbit. It’s summer and I’ve been staying up really late. I wondered why but it was because I stayed up late for the past few days. I hope this helps.

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